What’s your favourite Thai food ?

Happy day out with Chaloklum Diving* Our prize draw winners are listed below…*

Many Chaloklum Diving customers have told us how they enjoyed some of their favourite Thai food in Thailand during their day out on our big boat – as well as the SCUBA diving and snorkelling, of course!

Therefore we are planning to offer late afternoon to early evening non-diving, Koh Phangan trips featuring a rather special 3 course Thai meal from our super-chef, Lek.

Enjoy your favourite Thai food at our restaurant with a view !

Menu items under consideration (just to get you interested!) include:

Thai green curry with Chicken & Aubergine
Indian style Thai Chicken curry with potatoes
Pork stir fried with green peppercorns & Thai herbs
Stewed pork & eggs in a rich, dark soy sauce
Thai omelette with minced pork & garlic
Steamed fish with shredded ginger & green onions
Crisp fried fish with spicy topping
Stir fried Prawn with oyster sauce & Thai basil
Authentic Thai tom yam soup with Seafood
Thai vegetables fried with cashew nuts
Tofu coconut soup with galangal & baby corn

The winners of our December “favourite Thai food” prize draw are as follows:

Dive trip to Sail Rock – Kirsten Frey, Anna Gander

Special limited edition Chaloklum Diving t-shirts – Marius Drott, Christiane Howald, Christoph Rast, Lee Belland, Martin K├╝hle, Stephanie Schiltz, Marie Rouxel, Yvonne Dammer, Ninja Drott, Thibaud Chommeloux

We have sent emails to the winners – if you are listed and haven’t heard anything please contact us.