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  1. Was great, diving with you! Thank you for that :)!

  2. Dear Chaloklum Divers,

    I´ve been diving around Koh Phangan recently and just want to thank you for your excellent marine life guide! I spent a lot of time on your guide to cross check with other references. Your guide was very helpful! You have done a brilliant job on that one!
    Thanks, Robert

    • Thank you Robert – maybe next time you could dive with one of our expert guides & find even more fine marine life!

  3. Hallo zusammen,

    vielen Dank nochmals für die tolle Zeit mit einem tollem Team zu Lande und zu, bzw. unter Wasser =)
    Wenn alles klappt, bin ich nächstes Jahr wieder zu besuch.

    Macht weiter so

    Schöne Grüsse aus dem verscheitem Deutschland

  4. Thanks again, Lance, for a the wonderful underwater world you showed me. It was great to practise with you and brush up on my diving. I am currently working on my diving annotations, which is bringing back happy memories. Best wishes, and I shall certainly recommend you as an instructor. Good luck on your career!

    Best wishes from Amsterdam, Wim Honders

  5. Es sind unvergessliche Tauchgänge für uns die wir mit Michi und Sascha hatten!

    Wir sind jetzt eine Woche wieder Zuhause und schon packt uns wieder das Fernweh!^^

    Danke für diese schönen Momente,
    Euch allen alles Gute, wir kommen auf jeden Fall wieder!

    Liebe Grüße von Ralf Marvin und Britta

  6. Merci à l’équipe de Chaloklum!
    Et plus spécialement à Michael pour sa rigueur (allemande) et sa bonne humeur (thailandaise)!
    A Ophélie, mon instructrice française pour son professionalisme et sa gentillesse!
    Merci aussi au baby whale shark et tous ses copains de Sail rock qui étaient présents pour mon open water diver!
    Merci aussi à Padi pour sa célérité et son sérieux: à notre retour, 15 jours après, une lettre avec la certification était dans la boite aux lettres!

  7. Hello Chaloklum diving !
    we are coming back in october.
    We can’t wait to dive again with your super divemaster Chris,
    She knows a lot about Sail Rock and we had great fun with her !
    See you in October !!!


    • Hi Chloe,
      You are welcome, but Chris is now an instructor and she has had a (lovely) baby, so will not be diving Sail Rock with you!
      Best wishes from Chaloklum Diving team,

  8. yes, I hope so too. if not … no problem 🙂

    I’ll see you very soon!

    best regards


    • Hi alle miteinander.

      Wir haben lange nichts von uns hören lassen.
      Uns geht es gut, wir hoffen bei euch ist alles im Lot.
      Hallo Micha, wie gerne würden wir uns mal wieder mit dir treffen.

      Leider sind die Flüge in den Ferien unbezahlbar geworden.
      Wenn wir eure Seite sehen, da packt uns schon ganz gewaltig das Fernweh!
      Mal sehen, wann es mal klappt…
      Liebe Grüße aus dem leider immer noch verschneiten Thüringen

      Oli & Anja, Michel und ilaria

    • hi nick

      We hope you had a nice stay with your family in england. We are pleased you and your family to meet in september! many greetings to Chaloklum Diving heinz & angie

  9. Hi Nick & family and crew,
    nice to just read that diving is good; Kung & I hope you’re fine as well.
    Since I trained almost everyday during the last year I feel ready now to visit Ko Phangan by bicycle. Just planned the tour, want to arrive beginning of Sept. Hope the weather conditions will remain quite stable …
    Looking forward to meeting all of you soon,

  10. hello Chaloklum diving school,

    It was once again super nice at (with) you to dive!
    The next “deco beers” then we drink in september 🙂
    good improvement for dave!

    nick & stefan! much fun at the Chumphon-tour (we would also like to make)

    see you soon and many greetings from
    heinz & angie

  11. Thank you!

    A friend of ours was that thrilled about diving with Chaloklum Diving, that we decided to get here and reexperience the underwater-world.
    So we found ourselves, 17 years after accomplishing our Padi open water certification and without any further dives since then, in a Scuba Review with Michael.
    After the theorie review, we went out to Mae Haad Beach for some u/w exercises and had our first reef scuba dive. (70 min/12m). What an easy and great re-entry in less than one day. We’ce been hooked again and wanted to share this with our Kiddies Lisa (12) and Franzi(14).

    Michaels recomendation was a DSD at Sailrock.

    I was sceptic and frightend in the first place to let the kids start in open water, but this was completly unfounded.

    They had their own instructor, Michi, who brought them with many patience, calmness and safety thinking down to 10 m and accompanied them on their first trip around Sailrock and through the u/w world. We followed them some meters behind and there was no more worry or fear at any time.

    Finally the cream of the crop:
    All of us had the luck to meet a whale shark several times during the 2 dives at Sailrock this day.

    Many thanks to the whole team, thumbs up and best wishes for the future.

    Rating: utterly recommendable!!!

  12. Thanks to all at chaloklum for some great diving in february. Really nice to have met you all and we’re so impressed by the care and dedication of the team.
    Special mention to Gabriele for getting suzie through her open water course
    Hope to see you all again before too long


  13. chaloklum diving: “see you soon” to our favourite Scuba divers, Heinz & Angie who are due to brighten up the dive centre in april

    hi, we are happy too “soon” to be with you again and make fantastic dives!

    many greetings
    angie & heinz

  14. Hi

    Back in the UK working and thinking rather fondly of Phangan…

    Just wanted to say thanks to all and specially Gabriele for such excellent teaching

    the whole experience was fantastic, I look forward to coming back and diving with you again

    cheers all


  15. One month gone in a blink! I’d rather be in Chaloklum than were I’m now…lots of snow and freezing cold!! As always, the best team in the best divingschool on the best island! I’ll be back ;)!

  16. hi nick, kim, michael and rest of the crew. thank you so much for the great diving experience at sailrock january this year. as a not experienced diver i felt so much relaxed and good guided by your staff. hope to come again and maybe i can join the dives at ang thong marine park this time
    brgds paul van der velden

  17. Ich bin immer noch total überwältigt, es war ein Hammer Erlebnis was ich mich vorher niemals getraut hätte! Dank unseres Tauchlehres Michael bin ich jetzt um einige Erfahrungen reicher! Bis bald…

  18. Hallo Michi! Danke für den tollen Kurs und den super Tauchgang! Wir sind sehr froh dagewesen zu sein. Auf ein Neues in ein paar Tagen! Marcel @ Silke

    • Thank you for learning with us; there should be some photos of you making the open water diver course on facebook soon….

  19. Great job guys! I realy enjoyed myself. “I’ll be back”, as another fellow Austrian would say. See ya!

  20. I have had the most wonderful month with Chaloklum Diving and the team!! See you all soon!! DM Kim

  21. Nick:Cheerio Heinz & Angie; BIG thanks for diving with us once again.

    Hello Chaloklum Diving,

    more than 12 years after it is for us still beautiful, romantic and above all safe to dive with you! the island we can not let go! until next year!

    love greetings
    heinz & angie

  22. Hi Nick and Michael!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing experience! You guys made my entire stay truly unforgettable. Never have I ever been happy to be surrounded by a school of barracudas!

    To all those who are keen on getting your open water cert while you’re at KP, I highly recommend getting it at chaloklum diving = ) You’ll get personalised training with really safe and fun instructors who’ll take very good care of you.

  23. Good to hear that the rainfall didnt effect you that much! Keep on diving… I send the whaleshark back to Sailrock

  24. hello Chaloklum diving
    yes we can this time from Cambodia and look forward to seeing you all again. Greetings from
    angie & heinz

  25. Back to work again after 17 days on the island and 4 days on a liveaboard in the similans, which I could join after finishing your advanced course. Thanks for the good education again!!


  26. Home again…-19 degrees Celcius. Brrrr!!
    Thanks once again for a wonderful time although the weather was’nt that good, but the diving was superb as usual! See you guys in the fall.

  27. Hi Michi, danke für den tollen Tauchkurs (Anfang Dezember). Trotz Blitz und Donner war es eine unglaublich schöne Erfahrung. Ich kann es kaum erwarten wieder abzutauchen!
    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin

  28. I can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks. Will be arriving on feb 1st. Miss diving so much so fantastic to hear that conditions are nice!

    Take care and see you soon!

  29. Ticket Booked! I’ll see you guys in a few weeks! Can’t wait to get out of the USA for a while!

  30. I had a great time with my dive master Michi during the open water course. Great view and good experience. Thanks to Michi! Thanks also to Nick for the great picture.

  31. Nick say:And how many times have we said it ?… Thank you Angie & Heinz for once again gracing us with your diving presence (& for the great farewell meal at Wang Sai Resort), it will always be a pleasure.

    Hi Chaloklum Diving, and how often we have already said?… Also to You the best thanks for the nice dives and the pleasant atmosphere! The comfortable round in the Wang Sai Resort is great fun us over and over again! We come again, this is one promise! Kind regards Angie and Heinz

  32. Hi to you all

    New school is looking fantastic. Can’t wait to come back! Hope that you’ll give me a VIP tour when I come back to KP in feb. next year

    Take care!

  33. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/Thailand_diving.jpg[/img]Thanks very much for teaching us. You guys were great, it was fun, entertaining and we are all excited about being PADI certified now. Can’t wait to come back and dive with you again and we highly recommend Chaloklum for anyone who wants to dive.

    Hope you’re settled into the new place.

  34. Hallo Michael!
    Nach 8 Jahren wirst du mich nicht mehr kennen….hab gerade meinen advanced gemacht und freu mich, dass es euch noch gibt!!
    Liebe Gruesse aus Malaysia

  35. Hey chaloklum diving. Hope all is good in paradise. I’m back in the high artic. We have been having a weird season. Lots of storm and rain. Its really hot or its really cold.
    I miss you guys. Great pictures of the nudi on your cover page.
    Miss diving.

  36. I do miss your beautifull fish the warm see and the breakfast on board.I hope the corals have better temperature for survival meanwhile.
    Remember the signs on the Beach-“don´t stand on corals” and showing the channel! Hope to see you again lately next year, greetings from rainy and cold germany

  37. Nick wrote: Thank You Heinz & Angie for gracing the dive centre with your presence; it’s always lovely to have you diving with us.

    Thanks Nick too, for us it is always a pleasure to dive with CD and has been for over 11 years, we look forward again next time

    Many greatings to all !!

    Angie & Heinz

  38. Hey guys,

    As usual it was great diving with you. Sail Rock is still my favorite divesite ever. Our last dive over there was amazing and of course Leks food on the boat and pierres dancing make the day perfect!


  39. Hi Nick.
    Thanks for the amazing diving days.
    Back in sweden we still have snow on the ground and ice on the see!!!
    I hardly can wait until our summer and warmer wether so diving can be pleasent.


  40. hi michael! hi nick! denk oft an euch und jetzt hau ich das auch mal in die tasten. beste wünsche für euch und die euren. liebevolle grüße,roger

    p.s.: michael, hast du auch eine email adresse,an der ich dir vielleicht mal ausführlicher schreiben kann?

  41. And we’re looking forward to seeing Heinz & Angie in the next few weeks for some serious diving…

    Hi Nick,

    we arrive on 02.04. evening


  42. it’s amazing how time flies, three weeks of intensive Dive Master training gone in a blink . i’m getting more and more sure of what i will be doing in the future and where i will be spending my time… all the best to the team. see you soon. DM Kim.

  43. Happy New Year
    Buone Feste
    ein gutes neues Jahr

    Angie & Heinz

  44. Merry Christmas everyone

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