Learning Diving with the CMAS System

CMAS Diving Courses

Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques on Koh Phangan, ThailandWe are one of a select few CMAS affiliated dive centres in Thailand, as members of ATUS – the Association of Thailand Underwater Sports.

CMAS are in effect the World Diving Association – a non-profit organisation formed in 1959 by the great Jacques Cousteau along with representatives from 15 other nations. They have set the scuba diving training standards that are followed by most government approved agencies such as the British Sub Aqua Club in the UK, Verband Deutscher Sport-Taucher in Germany & the Fédération française d’études et de sports sous-marins in France.

We offer the CMAS system of dive education to provide a continuity of dive training for many of our European divers, and to offer SCUBA diving courses in a different style – featuring more personal and in-depth teaching of dive theory, comprehensive in-water work, and an educational model based on individual achievement rather than a time frame.

The 1* Star Diver Training Programme

CMAS 1 Star Diver blowin bubbles with Chaloklum Diving SchoolThe aim of this 4+ day course is to teach water-friendly non-divers all the fundamentals of SCUBA diving, and properly introduce them to the world of recreational or “sport” diving.
The certification allows divers to undertake no-decompression stop dives, whilst diving with normal air, to a maximum depth of 20 metres in “a safe manner”. Check out the course standards HERE.
Our instructor personally tutors the student with theory sessions tuned to their particular learning needs, some thorough shallow water diving and snorkelling training, followed by 5 SCUBA dives in open water – starting off with local diving around Koh Phangan and finishing with 2 dives on a day dive trip with our big boat.


CMAS 2** Star Dive Training

CMAS 2 Star Diving at Sail Rock, ThailandThis is the second level sport diver training programme. It is designed to teach divers to plan their own dives up to 40 metres and in a variety of environments, with divers of a similar level or above. The official course standards are listed HERE.
Theory sessions go into more depth and cover topics including medical problems, rescue procedures, dive planning and a variety of advanced diving activities.
As well as shallow water training this course requires a mighty 20 training dives, of which 10 are conducted between 20 – 40 metres. So if you want to achieve the 2 star rating with Chaloklum Diving, please contact us well in advance as we need to discuss and agree an appropriate dive training schedule for your needs.

Price on application

3*** Star CMAS – Dive Leader

CMAS 3 Star dive planning with Chaloklum Diving, ThailandThis is the equivalent of the PADI Divemaster programme – teaching 2 star divers to “plan, organise and conduct open water diving activities and lead other recreational sport divers in a safe and competent manner” as well as assisting instructors in training. Course standards listed HERE.
As with the 2 star diver, you need to contact us good and early to get organised for this comprehensive programme.

Price on application