Sweetlip; Haemulidae

The Sweetlip family are also known as Grunts (a charming name!) from the sound they can make by grinding their teeth. Having said that, we’ve never heard a sound from any Koh Phangan Sweetlip.

Painted Sweetlip; Diagramma pictum

Including the sub-species - Diagramma pictum labiosum, the Slate Sweetlip. But how to differentiate the juveniles - there seem to be 2 different colour patterns.?

Harlequin Sweetlip; Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides

The adults are solitary, lurking under ledges or in caves by day. Juveniles are super active amongst the corals.

Brown Sweetlip; Plectorhinchus gibbosus

These are our biggest Sweetlips, usually hanging out in groups at relative depth.

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