Gymnodoris citrina

Thank you once again to Mr. Lawrence for helping us to provide something like a correct reference.


  1. Found one this morning at Hin wong Pinnacle. Koh Tao. Think also it is a Citrina The alba kind has an orange line and more orange spots.

    • G. alba also has orange spots on the tips of the rhinophores.

  2. Hmmm. Interesting sightings. It’s quite difficult to identify the smaller Gymnodorids of course. But some of these shots look more like Gymnodoris alba or Gymnodoris sp. 5 in Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs, rather than G. citrina. I didn’t hear of citrina having yellow or orange-tipped rhinophores. The shot of G. alba in that book isn’t particularly representative though, IMHO. Here’s the description of G. alba from the seaslug forum: “This species is white with orange spots and usually an orange border to the somewhat pointed head region of the mantle. The translucent white gills form a circle or semi-circle and usually have an orange line along the outer axis of the upper half of each gill. The translucent white rhinophore club is tipped with orange. The posterior end of the foot is either tipped with orange or has an orange median line.”
    Coincidentally, I have heard of records of G. alba from the Gulf of Thailand. Watch out for its prey…

    • The photos have been moved to a new Gymnodoris alba page, but then when we look at Gymnodoris sp.5 we’re not sure!! And what is it’s prey, pray tell?

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