Dive Trips and Diving Course Prices

Scuba Diving Koh PhanganWe can provide a variety of special packages and prices for groups of fun divers, multiple PADI programmes and/or diving trips.
And if you are looking for something unique: some special scuba dives, dive training courses or snorkelling options that are not listed here, please let us know below.
We also offer a wide range of SCUBA and snorkel gear for sale at our headquarters in Chaloklum Village, with selected sales at our offices at Mae Haad and Haad Yao beaches.
Prices for diving trips and PADI courses are in Thai Baht and cover SCUBA (equipment) rental, required teaching materials and certification – except for Pro training on the PADI Divemaster course.

DIVE TRIPS (for certified divers)
Sail Rock (2 dives) 2,700
Freediving at Sail Rock 1,600
Anthong Marine Park or
Koh Tao (2 dives)
The 3 Dive Special (3 dives) 4,200
Koh Phangan local dive
sites (2 dives)
Beach Dive at Mae Haad or
Chaloklum Bay (1 dive)
Night Dive (inc. dive light!) 1,500
PADI Discover SCUBA Diving
(1 reef dive from the beach)
Discover SCUBA Diving Trip
(2 dives on boat day trip)
*Further fun diving is possible at the
certified divers trip price*
PADI Discover Freediving (1 day) 3,500
“Bubblemaker” (1 shallow dive) 1,800
Marine Park or Koh Tao 1,600
Sail Rock or Koh Phangan 1,000
Open Water Diver (~4 days) 12,700
PADI “eLearning” surcharge 1,200
Open Water Diver “Referral”
(2 days to finish)
SCUBA Diver (2+ days) 8,500
Open Water plus Advanced
Diver package (6+ days)
CMAS 1* Diver (5 days) 13,500
SCUBA Review (inc 1 fun dive) 1,500
Adventure Diver (1+ days) 8,500
PADI Advanced Open Water
Diver (2+ days)
E.F.R. (First aid; 1 day) 4,000
Rescue Diver (3+ days) 11,500
PADI Divemaster
(1 month or more…)
PADI Freediver (2 days) 6,500
Advanced Freediver (3 days) 7,500
Deep Diver (2 days) 8,500
Digital Photographer (1 day) 7,000
Equipment Specialist (1 day) 4,500
Multilevel/Computer (1 day) 5,000
Night Diver (2+ days) 7,000
Nitrox/Enriched Air (inc dive trip) 8,000
Nitrox (classroom only) 5,000
Nitrox (on an Advanced course) 3,500
Peak Performance Buoyancy (1 day) 4,500
Search and Recovery (2 days) 8,000
Underwater Naturalist (1 day) 6,500
Underwater Navigation (1.5 days) 6,500

As well as the expert services of a Chaloklum Diving professional, our big boat dive trip prices also include breakfast (except when diving locally) and a delicious lunch, fruit and soft drinks.

Please note that if you need a pick-up from us, our prices include transport from the resorts located in the green shaded area on the map – click to enlarge.

For transport from beyond Thongsala we need a minimum of 2 people, and make the following surcharges: Baan Tai – 200 Baht per person, Haad Rin – 300 Baht per person, Thong Nai Pan and Thaansadet – 800 Baht per person.

Chaloklum Diving pick-up service availability on Koh Phangan, Thailand
We have full insurance cover for our customers and are a licensed Tourist Authority of Thailand operation, we are a sponsor and affiliated member of the SSS Re-compression Chamber Network (with excellent Deco chamber facilities on Koh Samui), our PADI professionals are all scuba diving 1st aid/O2 trained, and we are active supporters of Green Fins Thailand and Divers Alert Network, Asia Pacific.

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