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Octocorals; Octocorallia

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The Octocorals include Soft, Whip and Fan corals, plus the Sea Pens. Many of these Cnidarians are hosts to small macro beasties for our scuba diving underwater photography fiends. Alcyoniidae - Dull Softies Less spectacular soft coral genera - Lobophyton, Sarcophyton and Sinularia Corals - in a variety of shades of brown! (2 Galleries) Ellisellidae - Ctenocella Sea Fans. Looking more like a fan than a whip. 8 Photos Ellisellidae - Whip Corals These flexible Octocorals are found where strong currents can run. 16 Photos Nephtheidae plus - Colourful Soft Corals Dendronephya, Lemnalia,...

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