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Ellisellidae, Whip and Wire Corals

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The Ellisellidae Octocorals are flexible but strong, with an internal skeleton made of a complex protein called gorgonin. Rarely seen on a coral reef, they are normally found on rocky, exposed dive sites. Ctenocella - Lyre Sea Fans. Looking like a fan rather than a whip - more appropriately known as Harp Coral . 8 Photos Ellisella and Junceella - Whip Corals These flexible Octocorals are found where the strong currents can run....

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Viguieriotidae, Xmas Soft Coral

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Xmas Soft Coral has a quite different growth form from the Neptheidae soft corals. For whatever reason it is not a member of any suborder – a unique family! All these underwater photographs were taken at local dive sites in the Chaloklum Bay...

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Hormathianthus tuberculatus

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Many thanks to Joe Rowlett for identifying Hormathianthus tuberculatus for us. Up until 2018 this was another unidentified Sea Anemone – it’s great when we have some expert advice! No more than 4cm in size and photographed only at Koh Phangan dive...

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Fan-bellied Filefish, Monacanthus chinensis

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We find Fan-bellied Filefish on Koh Phangan dive sites under piers, on wrecks and wherever there’s shelter. They can be quite inquisitive – I’ve had one constantly sticking it’s nose in front of the camera lens as I tried to take underwater macro...

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Cirrhipathes species, Wire Corals

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Wire Corals are found at deeper dive sites where the currents run. They are a community of 6 tentacled animals living around an inner skeleton of flexible, black...

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