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Porites; Pore Corals

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The massive Porites Pore Corals form the main structure of many of the coral reefs around Koh Phangan. During the day their corallum are usually retracted, giving the surface of the coral a porous...

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Ellisellidae, Whip and Wire Corals

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The Ellisellidae Octocorals are flexible but strong, with an internal skeleton made of a complex protein called gorgonin. Rarely seen on a coral reef, they are normally found on rocky, exposed dive sites. Ctenocella - Lyre Sea Fans. Looking like a fan rather than a whip - more appropriately known as Harp Coral . 8 Photos Ellisella and Junceella - Whip Corals These flexible Octocorals are found where the strong currents can run....

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Barnacles, aka Cirripedia

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Although they do have free-swimming larval stages, adult Barnacles can’t move around. Acorn Barnacles anchor directly to the bottom and the Goosenecks use a stalk. Look closely and you will see that they use the same modified limbs for filter feeding as the Porcelain...

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Copepods are no longer than 1 to 2mm in length and can be planktonic or benthic. Ours are bottom dwelling and usually associated with Nudibranch. In the case of Poecilostomatoida they appear to be parasitic. Strictly for Macro Underwater...

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Viguieriotidae, Xmas Soft Coral

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Xmas Soft Coral has a quite different growth form from the Neptheidae soft corals. For whatever reason it is not a member of any suborder – a unique family! All these underwater photographs were taken at local dive sites in the Chaloklum Bay...

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