A sultry September on Koh Phangan in a calm Gulf of Thailand!

View of Sail Rock and Koh Phangan from Chaloklum Diving boat.A Whale Shark was sighted at Sail Rock yesterday where we’re experiencing consistently fine visibility (with little current, post full moon), Anthong Marine Park is offering excellent diving and snorkelling on really quiet, peaceful dive locations, and even our favourite local dive sites are coming good – and Koh Phangan has gone quiet!! – it’s the same old story as the European summer holidays end in a hurry.

The diving school team are happy taking a bit of a break, but if business stays quiet we will be taking our boat to do some exploratory diving around Koh Phangan in the next days – we’ve been waiting to check out the coastline to the North of Koh Kong, plus the West corner of Chaloklum Bay for some time now…

As things calm down some of our PADI pros are planning to move on for the while – must be time for a wee party at the dive centre c/o Messrs Oli and Rad in a week or so. Both of the Michaels are off to renew their visas in the next days – trying the 2 day budget special runs – good luck boys and hope to see you back again soon, ho ho! And as well as the impending reappearance of Angie and Heinz, PADI Instructor Monsieur G should be back at the dive centre soon – Nick and Sascha are looking forward to another roast lamb session pdq, maan!

And finally a mention for the Chaloklum Diving Marine Life Guide – we have discovered a few interesting beasties in the last few months, as well as clearing up a number of incorrect identifications – do have a look.