The Chaloklum Diving Video Selection

We are starting this page as a mix of Chaloklum scuba diving, Koh Phangan Marine Life and a mishmash of whatever looks interesting. If it becomes popular we might even refine it…

SCUBA Diving through a bunch of Chevron Barracuda

Video taken when diving through a school of these unfazed, photogenic fishies at Sail Rock in the Gulf of Thailand.

Mr Sascha sings us a song on the Chaloklum Diving boat

This is what a PADI Instructor has to do when he forgets a customers diving mask on a Marine Park dive trip!!

The PADI Rescue Diver Course; how not to…

How you don’t perform a small boat rescue – a demonstration from Mr Baldrick, at the back of the dive centre in Chaloklum Bay.

Teira Batfish school on the move at Sail Rock

A school of Teira Batfish cruising around on a fine days diving at Sail Rock in the Gulf of Thailand.

Welcome to Chaloklum Diving: the rough version

A definitive amateur video from a man who’s much better at teaching PADI courses. Thank you Mr Guy!

Diving at Southwest Pinnacles with the Danes

Nick diving with the team from Denmark and a lot of fish at a favourite dive site, just South of Koh Tao.

Mr Matthias Diving in Style, video by “El Gavo”

Mr Matthias made several dive trips with the Chaloklum Diving team this year, culminating in this show video from Gavin !

Sea Hares from Chaloklum Bay, Koh Phangan

These big, fascinating beasties are herbivorous sea slugs. We saw 30 plus of them, milling around and getting friendly.

Scuba Diving Trio at Sail Rock from a few years ago

As far as we can see this is from 2005; anyone out there know any of these competent divers??

Amelie’s Whale Shark at Sail Rock, April 2012.

Thanks again to Amelie for this, taken when out with Chaloklum Diving. You don’t need an amazing set up to make a nice video.

Titan Triggerfish on the move at Sail Rock

A peaceful Titan Triggerfish, cruising along on back fins. You can sense the latent power when he uses his tail as well…

Core Sea’s first Sail Rock presentation

Let’s hope we are in time to preserve a wonderful natural resource in the Gulf of Thailand. We support Core Sea!