April news – Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Coral Reef looking goodAs we approach the Songkran Festival on Koh Phangan, it’s a surprise to see that the island is far from busy. Having said that, it’s a not such a bad thing for the diving school as a few of our PADI professionals are taking short breaks in the near future.
Diving-wise over the last month we’ve been making a lot more big boat trips than usual to Koh Phangan’s local dive sites, as the diving has been particularly good here a lot of the time. A Koh Tao trip remains a definite possibility but sadly we’ve not been getting any good reports from Anthong Marine Park for diving or snorkelling.
We’re currently watching the sea calm down after some nasty weather that blew in 2 days ago – Jan was at Sail Rock with OK diving conditions just before the storm, so we hope to be making a trip there in the next few days as it clears up.
Chris and Angie are off soon for a month of exotic diving in Indonesia, doubtless with lots of amazing things to photograph underwater (Nick grumbles in the background!). Captain Jan will be returning to Europe for a month or so of work on the sea rather than under the surface, and we wish Michi an easy trip to Germany and the very best wishes to his family.
We’ve just realised that a lot of hard corals as well as some of Nick’s beloved nudibranch have been re-classified, so it’s time for yet another Marine Life Guide update. Who said that there’s no rest for the wicked?