Artificial Reefs for Chaloklum Bay, Koh Phangan?

An artificial reef at Chaloklum Bay, Koh Phangan.A week or 2 ago saw the appearance to the North of Koh Phangan of some large metallic constructions on a barge, with accompanying tug boats and crane. The 8 metre square structures have been sunk in deepish water to the East and West of Chaloklum Bay, as a means of attracting fish to the area, but for the diving school they mean some possibly fascinating spots to explore. We will post some U/W photos as soon as we get the chance.

On the dive trips front, as Sail Rock continues to offer fine conditions (plus the occasional Whale Shark) and the dive centre is quiet, we haven’t been out to the Marine Park or Koh Tao in some time.
As we’re not so busy now, it’s time for a little more socialising, with a serious sticky rice session planned at Lek and Nick’s. The party is in honour of Lek’s recent birthday, the return of Louise and Lucy, and Heinz and Angie’s approaching departure: we’ve even got Niau from Nong Nook Seafood as guest cook to assist Lek – can’t wait! Expect some Facebook photo’s soon.
And as ever the Padi courses continue, but more quietly. Michi’s Open Water Diver course is taking a day’s break, and Divemaster student Scott is getting his head down and trying to finish off his diving theory….