Chaloklum Village is quiet once again on Koh Phangan

Zinken relaxes on his Padi Rescue Diver courseIt’s the full moon party in a few days time on Koh Phangan, but it’s not super busy at the dive centre. As a consequence we’ve only been diving recently at our local dive sites and the wondrous Sail Rock (there’s a fine photo from Michi on our facebook page of the latest whale shark sighting there),
However there should be a chance to go somewhere different that’s also nice for snorkelling once the party is over, such as the Marine Park or Koh Tao.
We’re not getting bored at the diving school, needless to say! Michi has just finished an Open Water Diver course with 2 excellent students (thank you Susanne and Volker for learning to dive with us), whereas Gavin has been putting in a lot of time with our dedicated Divemaster candidates, Scott and Mathias (aka Zinken and Baldrick).
“Why Not” Chris is back with us with a masterplan for 3 Padi speciality courses in addition to the fun diving, and if that’s not enough, the master – Mr Heinz, arrives in 2 days (Angie will be a little later…)!
Regards from the team to Mr Guy; hoping all is well in Switzerland, and big thanks to El Sascha for your assistance and good company over the last few months; hoping you’ll be back with us next year.