Marine Park – Snorkelling too

“Mu Koh Angthong” has a wide range of U/W life and interesting scenery on a variety of quiet dive sites at the North tip of the National Marine Park – it’s the best destination for some serious snorkelling too.
A 2+ hour trip takes you to the Northern tip of this chain of islands, and there are a number of different spots to dive. This area remains our personal favourite, with the best range of fish and most other interesting stuff we’ve experienced in our years of diving in the Gulf of Thailand. Depths from shallow to 25m.

The dive sites are much quieter than those around Koh Tao, being just a bit too far away for most diving schools! You’ve also more chance to find the rarer creatures such as turtles or sea snakes; there’s usually something special to see on most dives.

Diamond Trevally at Angthong National Marine ParkHin Yipon, Marine Park; Dive Site MapHin Yipon, Angthong Marine Park, ThailandSmall cavern at Anthong Marine Park

The dive sites are not as deep as some of the locations that we visit, but they are also really scenic, with giant hydroids, extensive black and whip corals, with some excellent hard coral reef formations in the shallows.

Fine Scuba Diving at the Marine ParkKoh Yipon, Anthong Marine Park, ThailandKoh Yipon, Marine Park; Dive Site MapGreen Turtles can be spotted at Marine Park

They are also not so steep, with some more gently shelving bottom formations, with lots of special features such as swim-throughs, outcroppings, minor drop-offs and some shallow caves/caverns.

Reef Cuttlefish at Anthong Marine ParkKoh Luuk Lek, Marine Park; Dive Site MapChaloklum Diving boat at Marine ParkSchool of Snapper - Diving at the Marine Park

Please note that all the photo’s used on this page were actually taken here; check out our “Marine Life Directory” page if you want to see more.

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