The Dive Site – Sail Rock

Sail Rock (aka “Hin Bai”) is one of the top diving destinations in the Gulf of Thailand and it’s still great for better visibility, big and schooling fish, in addition to some of the most spectacular underwater scenery.
Sail Rock looking beautifulTitan Triggerfish at Sail RockSurface interval on Chaloklum Diving boat at Sail RockTeira Batfish hangin out at Sail Rock

It takes a leisurely 1 hour cruise from Chaloklum Pier to go SCUBA diving at this truly exciting and extensive dive site; the main structure actually sticks out of the water and the rest of the features are below – Sail Rock’s exposed position makes it a focal point for all the marine life around – stopping to take a break or to visit a cleaning station.

Sail Rock is a deeper dive site and there can be some currents, but by diving in small groups with personal care and attention it’s usually safe for all.

Cup Coral Tubastrea faulkneri at Sail RockDive Site Map of Sail RockTassled Scorpionfish at Sail RockTwin Moray Eels seen when diving at Sail Rock

Colourful cup corals, giant black coral, white eyed morays and raggy scorpionfish are just some of the highlights of the non-pelagic life on the pinnacle. Outside, look out for big schools of fish, particularly of jack, barracuda, snapper and batfish, plus hunting king and queenfish and more.

Chaloklum Diving at Sail Rock with Trevally sceneryExit from the chimney at Sail RockPickhandle Barracuda at Sail RockTina and a Whaleshark at Sail Rock

The awesome scenery as the visibility increases is something to be experienced, and there’s even a small vertical chimney for those who so desire. We are also lucky enough have the occasional Whale Shark visitation, but they are not guaranteed!

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