It’s Good to be Diving again!

Chaloklum Diving return to Sail Rock As our favourite rock band said “It’s been a long time” and it really has! It’s a great relief for us to see conditions clearing up in the Gulf of Thailand after a couple of months of far from ideal diving.

We reckon that it was caused by the combination of a strong south easterly wind and some big tidal movement. However, as the wind is finally dying down we are looking forward to getting back to work.

Consequently there has not been a lot of action at the dive school as our PADI professionals have been enjoying the chance to take a little time out. Michi’s been able to spend some more time with his parents, who have been on their annual holiday on Koh Phangan. And the Jan’s been able to relax and play with all his underwater photos from Raja Ampat! Nick’s been suffering mild SCUBA diving withdrawal symptoms but a 2 hour session on our local reef has started his recovery…

We said goodbye to Marc and Sheila last month with a big thank you for their positive and professional help. It was great to meet 2 dive pro’s who fitted so naturally into the team – hoping to meet up again in the future. And yet once again we see the return of the mighty Mr Heinz, who’s here for a few months of Chaloklum culture and SCUBA diving – welcome back sir!

Next blog we’ll try and write about something related to Koh Phangan rather than SCUBA diving – watch this space!