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  1. Was great, diving with you! Thank you for that :)!

  2. Dear Chaloklum Divers,

    I´ve been diving around Koh Phangan recently and just want to thank you for your excellent marine life guide! I spent a lot of time on your guide to cross check with other references. Your guide was very helpful! You have done a brilliant job on that one!
    Thanks, Robert

    • Thank you Robert – maybe next time you could dive with one of our expert guides & find even more fine marine life!

  3. Hallo zusammen,

    vielen Dank nochmals für die tolle Zeit mit einem tollem Team zu Lande und zu, bzw. unter Wasser =)
    Wenn alles klappt, bin ich nächstes Jahr wieder zu besuch.

    Macht weiter so

    Schöne Grüsse aus dem verscheitem Deutschland

  4. Thanks again, Lance, for a the wonderful underwater world you showed me. It was great to practise with you and brush up on my diving. I am currently working on my diving annotations, which is bringing back happy memories. Best wishes, and I shall certainly recommend you as an instructor. Good luck on your career!

    Best wishes from Amsterdam, Wim Honders

  5. Es sind unvergessliche Tauchgänge für uns die wir mit Michi und Sascha hatten!

    Wir sind jetzt eine Woche wieder Zuhause und schon packt uns wieder das Fernweh!^^

    Danke für diese schönen Momente,
    Euch allen alles Gute, wir kommen auf jeden Fall wieder!

    Liebe Grüße von Ralf Marvin und Britta

  6. Merci à l’équipe de Chaloklum!
    Et plus spécialement à Michael pour sa rigueur (allemande) et sa bonne humeur (thailandaise)!
    A Ophélie, mon instructrice française pour son professionalisme et sa gentillesse!
    Merci aussi au baby whale shark et tous ses copains de Sail rock qui étaient présents pour mon open water diver!
    Merci aussi à Padi pour sa célérité et son sérieux: à notre retour, 15 jours après, une lettre avec la certification était dans la boite aux lettres!

  7. Hello Chaloklum diving !
    we are coming back in october.
    We can’t wait to dive again with your super divemaster Chris,
    She knows a lot about Sail Rock and we had great fun with her !
    See you in October !!!


    • Hi Chloe,
      You are welcome, but Chris is now an instructor and she has had a (lovely) baby, so will not be diving Sail Rock with you!
      Best wishes from Chaloklum Diving team,

  8. yes, I hope so too. if not … no problem 🙂

    I’ll see you very soon!

    best regards


    • Hi alle miteinander.

      Wir haben lange nichts von uns hören lassen.
      Uns geht es gut, wir hoffen bei euch ist alles im Lot.
      Hallo Micha, wie gerne würden wir uns mal wieder mit dir treffen.

      Leider sind die Flüge in den Ferien unbezahlbar geworden.
      Wenn wir eure Seite sehen, da packt uns schon ganz gewaltig das Fernweh!
      Mal sehen, wann es mal klappt…
      Liebe Grüße aus dem leider immer noch verschneiten Thüringen

      Oli & Anja, Michel und ilaria

    • hi nick

      We hope you had a nice stay with your family in england. We are pleased you and your family to meet in september! many greetings to Chaloklum Diving heinz & angie

  9. Hi Nick & family and crew,
    nice to just read that diving is good; Kung & I hope you’re fine as well.
    Since I trained almost everyday during the last year I feel ready now to visit Ko Phangan by bicycle. Just planned the tour, want to arrive beginning of Sept. Hope the weather conditions will remain quite stable …
    Looking forward to meeting all of you soon,

  10. hello Chaloklum diving school,

    It was once again super nice at (with) you to dive!
    The next “deco beers” then we drink in september 🙂
    good improvement for dave!

    nick & stefan! much fun at the Chumphon-tour (we would also like to make)

    see you soon and many greetings from
    heinz & angie

  11. Thank you!

    A friend of ours was that thrilled about diving with Chaloklum Diving, that we decided to get here and reexperience the underwater-world.
    So we found ourselves, 17 years after accomplishing our Padi open water certification and without any further dives since then, in a Scuba Review with Michael.
    After the theorie review, we went out to Mae Haad Beach for some u/w exercises and had our first reef scuba dive. (70 min/12m). What an easy and great re-entry in less than one day. We’ce been hooked again and wanted to share this with our Kiddies Lisa (12) and Franzi(14).

    Michaels recomendation was a DSD at Sailrock.

    I was sceptic and frightend in the first place to let the kids start in open water, but this was completly unfounded.

    They had their own instructor, Michi, who brought them with many patience, calmness and safety thinking down to 10 m and accompanied them on their first trip around Sailrock and through the u/w world. We followed them some meters behind and there was no more worry or fear at any time.

    Finally the cream of the crop:
    All of us had the luck to meet a whale shark several times during the 2 dives at Sailrock this day.

    Many thanks to the whole team, thumbs up and best wishes for the future.

    Rating: utterly recommendable!!!

  12. Thanks to all at chaloklum for some great diving in february. Really nice to have met you all and we’re so impressed by the care and dedication of the team.
    Special mention to Gabriele for getting suzie through her open water course
    Hope to see you all again before too long


  13. chaloklum diving: “see you soon” to our favourite Scuba divers, Heinz & Angie who are due to brighten up the dive centre in april

    hi, we are happy too “soon” to be with you again and make fantastic dives!

    many greetings
    angie & heinz

  14. Hi

    Back in the UK working and thinking rather fondly of Phangan…

    Just wanted to say thanks to all and specially Gabriele for such excellent teaching

    the whole experience was fantastic, I look forward to coming back and diving with you again

    cheers all


  15. One month gone in a blink! I’d rather be in Chaloklum than were I’m now…lots of snow and freezing cold!! As always, the best team in the best divingschool on the best island! I’ll be back ;)!

  16. hi nick, kim, michael and rest of the crew. thank you so much for the great diving experience at sailrock january this year. as a not experienced diver i felt so much relaxed and good guided by your staff. hope to come again and maybe i can join the dives at ang thong marine park this time
    brgds paul van der velden

  17. Ich bin immer noch total überwältigt, es war ein Hammer Erlebnis was ich mich vorher niemals getraut hätte! Dank unseres Tauchlehres Michael bin ich jetzt um einige Erfahrungen reicher! Bis bald…

  18. Hallo Michi! Danke für den tollen Kurs und den super Tauchgang! Wir sind sehr froh dagewesen zu sein. Auf ein Neues in ein paar Tagen! Marcel @ Silke

    • Thank you for learning with us; there should be some photos of you making the open water diver course on facebook soon….

  19. Great job guys! I realy enjoyed myself. “I’ll be back”, as another fellow Austrian would say. See ya!

  20. I have had the most wonderful month with Chaloklum Diving and the team!! See you all soon!! DM Kim

  21. Nick:Cheerio Heinz & Angie; BIG thanks for diving with us once again.

    Hello Chaloklum Diving,

    more than 12 years after it is for us still beautiful, romantic and above all safe to dive with you! the island we can not let go! until next year!

    love greetings
    heinz & angie

  22. Hi Nick and Michael!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing experience! You guys made my entire stay truly unforgettable. Never have I ever been happy to be surrounded by a school of barracudas!

    To all those who are keen on getting your open water cert while you’re at KP, I highly recommend getting it at chaloklum diving = ) You’ll get personalised training with really safe and fun instructors who’ll take very good care of you.

  23. Good to hear that the rainfall didnt effect you that much! Keep on diving… I send the whaleshark back to Sailrock

  24. hello Chaloklum diving
    yes we can this time from Cambodia and look forward to seeing you all again. Greetings from
    angie & heinz

  25. Back to work again after 17 days on the island and 4 days on a liveaboard in the similans, which I could join after finishing your advanced course. Thanks for the good education again!!


  26. Home again…-19 degrees Celcius. Brrrr!!
    Thanks once again for a wonderful time although the weather was’nt that good, but the diving was superb as usual! See you guys in the fall.

  27. Hi Michi, danke für den tollen Tauchkurs (Anfang Dezember). Trotz Blitz und Donner war es eine unglaublich schöne Erfahrung. Ich kann es kaum erwarten wieder abzutauchen!
    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin

  28. I can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks. Will be arriving on feb 1st. Miss diving so much so fantastic to hear that conditions are nice!

    Take care and see you soon!

  29. Ticket Booked! I’ll see you guys in a few weeks! Can’t wait to get out of the USA for a while!

  30. I had a great time with my dive master Michi during the open water course. Great view and good experience. Thanks to Michi! Thanks also to Nick for the great picture.

  31. Nick say:And how many times have we said it ?… Thank you Angie & Heinz for once again gracing us with your diving presence (& for the great farewell meal at Wang Sai Resort), it will always be a pleasure.

    Hi Chaloklum Diving, and how often we have already said?… Also to You the best thanks for the nice dives and the pleasant atmosphere! The comfortable round in the Wang Sai Resort is great fun us over and over again! We come again, this is one promise! Kind regards Angie and Heinz

  32. Hi to you all

    New school is looking fantastic. Can’t wait to come back! Hope that you’ll give me a VIP tour when I come back to KP in feb. next year

    Take care!

  33. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/Thailand_diving.jpg[/img]Thanks very much for teaching us. You guys were great, it was fun, entertaining and we are all excited about being PADI certified now. Can’t wait to come back and dive with you again and we highly recommend Chaloklum for anyone who wants to dive.

    Hope you’re settled into the new place.

  34. Hallo Michael!
    Nach 8 Jahren wirst du mich nicht mehr kennen….hab gerade meinen advanced gemacht und freu mich, dass es euch noch gibt!!
    Liebe Gruesse aus Malaysia

  35. Hey chaloklum diving. Hope all is good in paradise. I’m back in the high artic. We have been having a weird season. Lots of storm and rain. Its really hot or its really cold.
    I miss you guys. Great pictures of the nudi on your cover page.
    Miss diving.

  36. I do miss your beautifull fish the warm see and the breakfast on board.I hope the corals have better temperature for survival meanwhile.
    Remember the signs on the Beach-“don´t stand on corals” and showing the channel! Hope to see you again lately next year, greetings from rainy and cold germany

  37. Nick wrote: Thank You Heinz & Angie for gracing the dive centre with your presence; it’s always lovely to have you diving with us.

    Thanks Nick too, for us it is always a pleasure to dive with CD and has been for over 11 years, we look forward again next time

    Many greatings to all !!

    Angie & Heinz

  38. Hey guys,

    As usual it was great diving with you. Sail Rock is still my favorite divesite ever. Our last dive over there was amazing and of course Leks food on the boat and pierres dancing make the day perfect!


  39. Hi Nick.
    Thanks for the amazing diving days.
    Back in sweden we still have snow on the ground and ice on the see!!!
    I hardly can wait until our summer and warmer wether so diving can be pleasent.


  40. hi michael! hi nick! denk oft an euch und jetzt hau ich das auch mal in die tasten. beste wünsche für euch und die euren. liebevolle grüße,roger

    p.s.: michael, hast du auch eine email adresse,an der ich dir vielleicht mal ausführlicher schreiben kann?

  41. And we’re looking forward to seeing Heinz & Angie in the next few weeks for some serious diving…

    Hi Nick,

    we arrive on 02.04. evening


  42. it’s amazing how time flies, three weeks of intensive Dive Master training gone in a blink . i’m getting more and more sure of what i will be doing in the future and where i will be spending my time… all the best to the team. see you soon. DM Kim.

  43. Happy New Year
    Buone Feste
    ein gutes neues Jahr

    Angie & Heinz

  44. Merry Christmas everyone

  45. Hallo Michael & Nick,

    wie geht es euch? wir hoffen euch geht gut ,ich habe erst heute gesehen ,dass mann in Guestbook bei euch melden kann toll!
    Wir werden uns bald wieder sehen,wir fahren wahrscheinlich ende Januar zur euch ,nach meiner Babypause fang ich wieder an zu tauchen, ich hoffe wird alles schön – und gute Sicht wartet auf mich
    Sagt bitte mal alles schön Grüß von uns

    Viele Grüße
    Dhom & Dirk

  46. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/PA000000.jpg[/img]Hi Chaloklum Diving,
    it´s time to leave germany, temperatures are round 0-5 celsius, not that what i really like.
    After one week in egypt ( what a nice boat ) with good vis, but no fish and not the ambient of the chaloklum dive boat ( not impressed of the red sea) —-we want to come back to koh phangan—-

    So long Thomas & Margot

  47. Having said that, our great friends Heinz & Angie should be arriving here at the end of this month to keep Michael company for at least some of the time too.

    Hi everybody, we arriving 09.20.

    see you soon


    Angie & Heinz

  48. Well, well…home again after 15 superdays on Koh Phangan and 20 wonderful dives! Let me se here…it’s only 4 month’s until I’ll be back! The best dive school, full stop!
    All the best to the team, Nick, Michael, Ollie, Gabriele and Stefan.

  49. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/oli.jpg[/img]No more Cptn Pat ! Shocker…I thought he was there for the long haul..
    All fine here in sunny England..well finally it’s a bit sunny. Missing the water but hope to get wet again in Egypt soon..
    I was looking for a picture of Pat to post but came across this one instead of another familiar face on the boat…fairly familiar from this angle too.. May require censorship.. or just a set of board shorts..

  50. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/duik_2.jpg[/img]If you want a great dive experience, just go to Chaloklum diving.
    It was an incredible day, with top professionalism, so you can enjoy your first dive without fear.
    Nick and all the others, thanks for the good care.
    Next time you may register me for a whole course

    Best wishes

  51. Dear Chaloklum

    Just to say thank you very much for the diving to Sail Rock with Olli, but in particular to Nick and Gabrielle (ciao!) for helping Maria (the Sicilian) to her first diving experience at Ko Mah – she loved it and the certificate is framed with pride. We had a great time and were very well looked after, including amazing curry on the dive boat…

    Hope to dive with you again sometime,

    Patrick Kennedy, Maria Ventura

  52. moin michael, hoffe hast mich nicht vergesssen, komme im januar für 2 monate nach thailand, will natürlich auch tauchen und ma ein mit dir saufen, na ja 2 3 bierchen kalt ausgeschlagene. peter kommt auch mal kurz vorbei. hoffe dir gehts gut und falls du den jörg noch siehst auch im eien gruss. so long killa karl

  53. To all @ CD!!

    I had an awesome couple of dives today… the standards and level of professionalism were unbeatable…

    Dive with this school. Thanks again.


  54. hi to every one!special to Gabriel!the new picture are great!The hirsute one it’s back to england really?Best regards.I miss the special masaman we have on the boat.Great!!

  55. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/greg_klr.jpg[/img]I’m so happy to hear that Kira is doing well! I miss the CD team very much. Save a place for me, I’m planning on returning in November. Say hi to everyone for me!

  56. Sittin in an office in Krautland.Sucks. Visions and images of whalesharks,purple and blue sea anemones and huge schools of barracudas follow me the whole day. Sometimes I hear the sound of the regulator. You got me fully addicted!
    Come back in 2010 and will bring friends who love my UW pic’s of chaloklum divin.
    Best wishes to all you nice DM’s – specially to Elliot, Olli, Kira and Michael. Regards to the rest of the staff!!! THX for the Shirt, Nick!
    uwe a.k.a. jui, cologne, krautland.

  57. Back at work, sunshine for weeks in good old Germany Global worming is good for the business.
    Happy eastern for all Chaloklum Diver`s, shure you find some eggs on the Boat, somewhere in the back always in the morning.
    Best wishes for Kira, see you guy`s in January 2010.
    Thank you for the Divemaster we had lots of fun.
    Thomas & Margot

  58. Fantastic Website! “Marine Life Directory” is very interesting section with excellent photos! Thank you for sharing your wonderful site! Best regards!

  59. Hi, Ben and I are home savely after 3 1/2 months of traveling. Did some wonderful diving in Fiji thanks to the open water cert we did with you guys in December! Very worried to hear about Kira, hope she is improving ok! All the best from Angela und Benjamin from Berlin

  60. Hi Na Nick + Na Michale and Jorg ,

    How’re you guys doing ?

    Nothing here , Just drop by and say big hello ,krub !

    I hope , i can get some vacation , make dives , relax at Koh Phangan and Chaloklum Diving again very soon.

    Best wishes,

    TOE. (The crazy sunset photo shooting )

  61. Back in Montreal, a week after, I’m thinking about last weekend and I want to thank you again for the two perfect days I had diving with you! I really apreciate how you manage to have a boat going out on Sunday for my second day at Sail rock! I’ll recomand you for sure!

    Demande spéciale pour Vincent, lors de notre sortie samedi (28 fév), tu nous as pris en photo sous l’eau. Si la photo est bonne et que je suis dessus, est-ce que tu pourrais me l’envoyer par email? Ça me ferait un tellement beau souvenir! Et merci encore pour la journée, ça tellement bien été que c’est ce qui m’a donné envie de plonger de nouveau le lendemain!

    Au plaisir,

  62. Salut au cousin Vincent !
    Voila une semaine que Koh PhaNgan est loin mais je n’oublie toujours pas cette plongée avec le requin baleine à Sail Rock. Et je n’oublie pas ce petit accent du cousin Canadien.
    A un de ces 4, le monde est petit !

  63. Back home again after 15 wonderful days on Koh Phangan, Chaloklum. Rescue course completed with my very favourite diving school, can not wait to get back for more diving. You are the perfekt team, dive masters, instructors and so…can not be better!!! Thanks to all of you who I had the pleasure of diving/studying with…Nick, Michael, Elliot, Gabriel, Stephan, Kira, Ollie.
    Elliot gets an extra star for the WHALESHARK at Sail Rock on the 4th of feb. The most beautiful dive I have ever had, thank you man !!
    I will be back….

  64. danke für die schöne zeit unterwasser ihr habt mir einen Traum erfühlt. die ausbildung war spitze, bist halt von der alten schule und das ist gut so danke michael.

    grüße an Michael, Nick, Gabriel und den Rest
    es war phantastisch mit Euch

    Grüße aus Saalfeld
    Eric u. Katrin

  65. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Michi zum OWSI


  66. Hi Mike and Nick ! Just showing someone I met your website (trying to drum up some custom for you) and couldn’t help but notice that the truly fantastic whale shark picture you have on your front page is credited to Doug… ahem!

    Anyway, kidding aside, thankyou so much for a fantastic course, and hopefully I’ll see you in the future!

    Thanks, Rory.

  67. hallo ihr lieben, hab mir grad mal eure Homepage angeguckt weil es hier in Köln langsam aber sicher kalt wird und ich wieder zum Mae Had will!
    Naja wollte euch eigentlich nur liebe Grüße da lassen. Wenns den Alex noch gibt kann er sich ja mal melden, ich würde mich freuen
    Bis dann

  68. hallo michael & nick,

    wieder einmal war es bei euch superschön, ober – sowie unterwasser die tg`s alleine am sailrock sind immer wieder klasse cobias, walhaie, barakudas, brauner riffrochen, riesenmuräne und nicht zuletzt ein marlin

    vielen dank für alles !! wir kommen wieder !! das ist versprochen !!

    alles gute für euch und beste grüße

    angie & heinz

  69. hallo michael and nick – surprise – your first student ursula!!! had a look at your wonderful website and remembered our start into the underwaterworld with you! now sailing and diving in the caribbean – left last year from france on our sailing yacht KRIL and so happy to be back on the water and in cruising mode. namai, meanwhile lungmai, is astounded that sail rock is still there – so stable, not sailing at all…these thai words..!*# really incorrect…. but good to see that your business is thriving and are hoping you are happy and healthy.
    ahoi and best wishes from
    ursula and michael

  70. uuhhh… it feels really good to have a reason again to post a message!

    Hi Michael, Hi Nick,

    After nearly 2 years, it looks as if I can finally be back to your island and to Chaloklum Diving in Dec! So, be prepared to have one more enthusiastic but still bloody beginner-diver around..

    See you then!

  71. Wir möchten uns für die tolle Betreuung und Ausbildung bei euch in der Tauschule bedanken.

    Nachdem ich anfangs dem tauchen gegenüber etwas skeptisch war, ist es nun zu einem meiner Hobbys geworden, dass ich hoffentlich bald wieder ausüben kann.
    Auch dass wir das Anfängerglück hatten den kleinen Walhai am Sailrock zu sehen war ein unvergessliches Erlebnis.

    Vielen Dank nochmals für alles und viele Grüße an alle die uns kennen.

    Sabrina + Heiko

    P.S. Wir hoffen dass wir irgendwann nochmal zu euch zum tauchen zurückkommen können und werden eure Tauchschule auf alle Fälle weiterempfehlen!!

  72. Vielen Dank, dass Ihr mir Zugang zu dieser unglaublichen Unterwasserwelt eröffnet habt!
    Auch wenn die PADI-Videos sehr überzogen und amerikanisch sind, in einem haben sie Recht: Tauchen öffnet die Tür zu einer anderen Welt – geh hindurch und dein Leben wird nicht mehr das Gleiche sein!

  73. We just wanted to thank everyone at Chaloklum Diviing for our wonderful diving experience and your kindness and understanding of unexpected travel mishaps. Thank you again and we will return to Thailand as soon as we can to dive with you again. Thanks Nick.

    Travis & Beth

  74. Malaysian greetings to all at Chaloklum Divers!

    I wanted to say a massive thankyou to you all and especially Nick for helping me get my confidence back under water- I couldn’t have asked for a better dive master, and have now rediscovered my love for SCUBA.

    Since we left you we’ve done another dive at the Temple of the Sea off the Perhentian Islands- again really cool, and if anyone asks for a recommendation, the Quiver dive school at Senja Resort are pretty good, max 4 divers per guide like you guys.

    Thanks again Nick, we just got the photos- lookin good! xxx

  75. Hello from Canada…hope you guys are all doing great! Getting ready to dive in Key Largo and was thinking of you all. Hey Nick…should I start a Facebook page for you???

    Love to everyone.


  76. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Kira and Gabriel. I enjoyed every second of my dive course and can’t stop thinking about how I can get back under water as soon as physically possible.

    I can definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants to dive when they are in Thailand.

    I am still smiling when I think about diving …hopefully see you again soon

  77. Hi Chaloklum-dive-team,
    sind wieder gut (bei Schnee!!!) zu Hause angekommen.
    Vielen,vielen Dank für die schöne Zeit auf Koh Phangan und die phantastische Betreuung durch Euer team. So macht Tauchen Spaß: professionelles team, einwandfreies Equipment, gut ausgestattetes Boot mit supernetter, hilfsbereiter Besatzung!
    Speziellen Dank nochmals an Greg, der mir den OWD so souverän “rübergebracht” hat und jede mögliche Unsicherheit gar nicht erst aufkommen ließ.
    Wir werden auf jeden Fall wieder kommen
    liebe Grüße
    Iris + Stefan

  78. Hi! Back home after two great weeks on koh phangan, can’t wait to get back…for more diving!
    I can not think of a better diveschool than chaloklum diving, if you plan to take your license on koh phangan than this is the school to contact!

  79. Hi Kira…

    Kommt ein bisschen spät, aber hatte viel zu tun.
    ich möchte mich noch mal für den wunderbaren Unterricht bei Dir bedanken.
    Den POWD bei Euch zu machen, hat mir richtig Spaß und Lust auf weitere Kurse gemacht.
    Wenn alles klappt, komme ich im Mai wieder zu Euch und möchte mein Advance diver bei Euch machen.

    Bis dahin alles Liebe und viel Erfolg.

    Ron (Germany)

    Rear Kira…
    I know it comes a little late, but had to do much to do.
    I will still say thanks for marvellous instruction to you.
    To make the POWD with you was very funny and make desire on further courses with you.
    If everything folds, I come in May again to you to Phangan and would like to make the Advance diver.

    Up to then all the best and much success.

    Ron (Germany)

  80. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/CAMFAR6H.jpg[/img]hi Nick and gang
    wanted to tell you that I tried to send a note to lonley planet about our experience with your fine PADI course…this is not succeded, unfortunatly
    however…I did a great thing for you. Your website is now posted on THE site for people in holland who want information about thailand…you can find your diving centre under ‘duiken in thailand’…hope people can find you this way!

    Take care en we will think about our trip and the course a lot!
    Niels ‘big lungs’ en Marijke

  81. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/DianeNick.jpg[/img]Thanks to all in the Chaloklum diving team for great time in Koh Phangan. The whole family could experience top dives (in particular at Sail Rock!). We truly appreciated the relaxed and professional atmosphere. It was just fantastic!
    On espère revenir encore toute la famille pour de merveilleuses plongées.
    Pierre et Michelle, avec Diane (10), Florian (13) et Sylvain (15).

  82. Dear all,

    We just wanted to let you know how much we miss Koh Pha Ngan and the Chaloklum Divers. Since a week back in cold and rainy Netherlands the images of Sail Rock and Marine Park are still vividly in our mind. Nick, many thanks for the refreshment dive wich made me feel more secure and confident than ever! Joerg, you stole our heart by putting carefully back tiny pieces of coral. And can you also thank the captain who kindly watched our son during our dives while preparing delicious lunches?

    We hope to dive with you soon again and take another look at the National Geografic look a like underwater world of Sail Rock.

    Diederik and Annemarij and Mees

  83. Hey Chaloklum diving center!
    Thanks Nick for the great dive at Mae Haad in July! I enjoyed it very much and now that I’m back to France I miss the hot temperatures and nice weather we had in Thailand…
    Thanks to be as patient and peaceful as you are…

    Greetings from France

  84. God I miss Koh Phangan. Summer in Europe is BAD!!!! Can’t wait for january to come so that I can finally come back to you all.
    I have a couple of friends coming with me so there will be a danish invasion next year…
    Take care!

  85. Thanks for a great diving course. We are now back in sweden and looking forward to dive with the local polarbears 🙂

  86. Hello Nick&Andy
    We joined the Discover Scuba program at 29 th of June and didn’t have the chance to say goodbye and thank to you. Many thanks indeed. We really appreciate for your kind interest and encouragement. It’s a pleasure to share this great experience with you. Hope to see you again.

  87. Hey Nick….I had a great day out discovering scuba diving at Sail Rock and thought that the standard of the tuition andequipment was superb. Best of luck with all that you do and I’ll definitely be back for my Open Water!!..Best regards

  88. I so miss chaloklum diving school.I did my divemaster training with the school and it was more then what i would have dream for.
    thank you so much Nick and michael for the great learning experience.I realy miss you guys and the school.Now that iàm back in canada i can only dream of the time will be diving together again.
    So take good care and enjoy the diving.

  89. Hi guys

    Back in Copenhagen to work so that I can come back next year.
    I really enjoy being a divemaster and can’t wait to come back to the school!

    Miss you all and hope to see you again in january!

    Love Tine

  90. hello Nic and Kira just sending a hello from sweden i took my owd course at yuor school in feb 2007 and now i am about to sign up for aow licens in sweden hoping to come back to koh phangan again best regards Leif

  91. Hi,
    I was very glad to dive in Chaloklum with the team, especially with Vince. Thanks once more to make me feel so comfortable. If someday I want to become a divemaster, I know where I will go to learn.
    See U in Chaloklum or elsewhere around the planet !
    Regards. Joelle.

  92. Hey guys,

    again I had a marvelous time diving with you and I enjoyed all the good things the island has to offer
    Take care and see you SOON

  93. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/Chaloklum_copy.jpg[/img]Hello everybody !

    Thanks for the nice diving trips. It was a great moment.
    Hope to be back one day.

    Thanks again, especially to dive instructors Tina and Rachel.
    It was a pleasure to dive with you.

    Best regards.

  94. Hi ppl,
    Hows it all going on your island paradise hope your all well be back this year !! Tell the boss i,ll have a cheap room this time no luxury !

    Have a great new year chaps


  95. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/P1030120.jpg[/img]Happy new year from Germany

    See you soon on the island


  96. Thanks for a great time. It was awesome! Coming back in march!

  97. dear all,

    again a much too short stay on the island is over for me Nevertheless, I am 4 dives and – some for me really important meetings with great (new and “old”) people richer. Again, as already in May that year: thank you so much, Nick and Michael! and this time also to Kira and Fabio big thanks.

    I ve just found something which may be interesting for Kira and everybody who loves and cares about the endangerd whale sharks: there is a project to collect and identify whale shark data via pictures well, probably you know already anyhow…

    Hope to be back soon. Until then: all the best to you all.

  98. Hallo zusammen!

    Vielen herzlichen Dank für die zwei Super Tauchwochen, die wir mit Euch verbringen durften und für die Eindrücke, die wir bei unseren 23 Tauchgängen gewonnen haben. Wir werden bestimmt dran bleiben!
    Vielen Dank auch für die sehr gute Betreuung währende der Tauchgänge an Elliot und Kim. Es hat riesig Spaß gemacht besonders weil Ihr auf unsere Wünsche bei den Tauchgängen eingegangen seit!
    Auch vielen Dank an die beiden Bosse Michael, für die super Ausbildung zum AOWD und an Nick, für die CDs, Bilder, Kamera-Kaufunterstützung!
    Schöne Grüße noch an alle Tauchpartner und Mittaucher Heinz und Angie, Ben und Tine, die Tauchgänge mit Euch waren super, hoffentlich haben wir bald einmal die Möglichkeit uns zu treffen o. wieder mal miteinander zu tauchen!

    Sorry Elliot, Kim and Nick but on our guestbook there is not enough place to translate to english, Michael will do

    Susanne & Matthias

  99. thanks for the great experience. really appreciated the way you guys were able to fit the training around my schedule. had a great time and il definitely be back.
    paul, ireland

  100. Thank you very much for the nice diving trips and the good training .Hope to see you soon again.Jochen

  101. Thanks, all!

    Had a great few dives with Elliot on your beautiful boat – most of all appreciate knowing there are still shops out there that prioritize environment preservation and the wonders of diving over big business and big fish. Thanks again to Elliot for the nudibranch shots – fabulous!


  102. Thanks guys, it was one of our best diving trips in a while and the weather was perfect. Really enjoyed the Sail Rock dive with Elliot
    We hope to come around again soon

    All the best,
    Sherry & Adam

  103. Dear all,

    I’m back in France now, and still impressed by my first dive with you! I’m impatient to see the pictures of it!
    Thanks for you kindness, and Kim : good luck in Phuket!

    Best regards,


  104. Dear Nick, Michael, and the rest of the Chaloklum team,

    Thanks for a fantastic diving experience. I’ll be bringing my boyfriend next time to do his PADI course with you. I wouldn’t entrust him to anyone else!



  105. Hey guys… Finally I pulled myself together…
    My brother is still trying to recover and I guess he’ll send a small hello soon.
    Well, we finally got some good weather in Denmark, but nothing compared to Thai weather… And damn I miss it alot, we’re planing a trip in november, so we can come back for more diving and do the Rescue-Diver and as we said, we’ll bring a friend or two, so they can have the pleasure of diving and experience Lee’ Garden
    Hope you all get to relax before the season starts again
    Well, I hope you are all having a good time doing what you love. DIVING!

    Best regards

  106. Hi I learnt to dive with Nick in January 2005 with my boyfriend Tim, had a fanastic time and we are both returning to Thailand early 2007 to enjoy more diving with you guys!!!

    Can’t wait to catch up with you all.

    Hope you are well

    Angela and Tim x

  107. hi michael & elliott

    1. – good idea – start diving !
    2. – good feeling – start with you !
    Since I tooked my first breath under water, I start loving to feel like a fish – unforgetable new (underwater) world – thank´s for the way to show me how to do… felt always in good hands! Have a good time and see u


  108. Hi Everybody,

    If you are someone who is just looking for the right place to do safe, relaxed and absolutly enjoyable diving, then you have found the perfect place.
    I just did my OW course with Chaloklum Diving and thanks to Nick and Michael, it was one of these experiences in life, which simply makes you happy.
    I hope, i can come back soon again to do and learn more about diving.

    Thank you, Nick and Michael and everyone from your team!
    Petra (& Helena)

  109. Had a terrific day with the crew here. The water was a little cloudy at times, but they knew their stuff, and made the whole experience really enjoyable. These guys do it for fun and it shows. Thanks!

  110. Hi, habe meinen advanced-schein bei chaloklum-diving (bzw mit michael als persoenlichen lehrer) gemacht und kann michael und co nur waermstens weiterempfehlen! hat viel spass gemacht und gelernt hab`ich auch was. gruesse aus dem wahnsinnswinter markus

  111. Hallo Martin und der Rest der Tauchschule,

    nochmals vielen Dank für die tollen Tauchgänge die wir bei euch erleben durften….insbesondere Sail Rock ist immer wieder beeindruckend. Bei unserem letzten Tauchgang am 16.02.06 hat Elliott noch einige Bilder gemacht. Wäre klasse wenn wir 2-3 davon bekommen würden .

    Bis nächstes Jahr

    Anita und Joe

  112. Hello from Denmark

    Thank you for making my holiday in Thailand the adventure of a lifetime.
    I was only planning on doing the Open Water Course, ended with doing Advanced Open Water and logging 23 dives in only 2 weeks. You made me feel welcome at the school and a part of the “family”!

    Thank you Zsuzsanna for being a fantastic instructor!!!!!
    Thank you to the rest of you. I enjoyed diving with all of you!!!!

    The greatest praise that I can give the school is that I’m coming back in march to do EFR and Rescue Diver.

    So I will hopefully see you all soon!!!

  113. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/Chaloklum_diving.jpg[/img]Thank you very much for getting me in the water!
    Me and my son Alexander went to Marine park with you guys on 19th jan-06.
    I´m the nervous woman from Sweden, afraid of everything under the surface…
    I found myself snorkling with the lifejacket on for hours!!!
    Alex enjoyed the day very much,specially jumping from the top of the boat.

  114. Today, I had the best diving experience in my life (so far). Me and my buddy Micael had the privilege of sharing the boat merely with our dive master Elliot, the captain and the boat boy. Since we started out really early we were the first divers to arrive at Sail Rock and during the first dive we had the place pretty much to ourselves. The visibility was great and the underwater life was truly spectacular. We enjoyed school after school of various fish – wonderful.
    The entire Chaloklum Diving crew is friendly and competent. I highly recommend them!

  115. Hi,

    it was the first diving trip in my life and it was a great moment for me to see the underwater world at sail rock. The whole Team is great.

  116. Hi everybody,

    as Martin has already written we had a great time diving thanks to Chaloklum Diving School. We’ll definetely come back here, hopefully this year!
    It would be great if you could send us the pictures you took of us so we can show them to our friends and convince them to start diving as well

    Thanks again for a great experience underwater!

  117. Hi,

    Julia and I very much enjoyed fantastic dives, first from shore (day and night) and then at Sail Rock. Equipment, boat,… excellent; the dive masters and instructors are great. Special thanks to Nick.

    Greetings (from Xi’an, China),

    (P.S.: no underscores in email address!)

  118. Hi Nick and Michael,

    once again let me thank you for your great patience, excellent didactical skills and for a great diving experience.
    Hopefully I’ll come back to enjoy more of your professional courses.

    Greetings from cold Gemany.

  119. Men and Women of Chaloklum Diving,

    Thanks for a great diving experience. I’m glad Ashlee and I found Chaloklum before those other (corrupted) dive schools. I think the good student to instructor ratio was key for an unbelievable experience. Also, you guys really know what you’re doing. Thanks again, especially to Oliver and Szuzannah.

    If you’re ever up for some diving in Japan, shoot me an email.

    Isaac & Ashlee

  120. Hi Nick, Stu and the rest of the team….

    Thanks again for getting me through the PADI course and also for just being a great laugh and making my (very) short trip to Thailand absolutely excellent. Your school really is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone!

    Hopefully I’ll get to come back to Thailand and see you all sometime soon.


  121. Servus Michael, Hi Nick !

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu 10 Jahren Chaloklum Diving School !! Wir werden das gemeinsam nächstes Jahr im April gebührend “Nachfeiern”

    @Zsuzsanna: Gratulation zum Instructor !

    Viele Grüsse
    Angelika & Heinz

  122. Hi Nick, Michael and the rest of the crew!

    Happy Bithday to Chaloklum Diving!!!!
    Congratulations to Zsuzsanna for making Instructor!!!!

    I hope Christmas and NewYears brings you unlimited visibility, whale sharks every dive, no triggerfish bites, loads of divers, and of course good health and happiness!

    Please say hi to everbody.

    Gregus Nauticus

  123. It was a pleasure to dive with you. Thank to Michael for great patience with Joerg.
    Thanks to Woody for the fun and to Elliot for nice dives in Marine Park and the pictures.
    We hope to come back.

    Greetings from cold Germany


  124. Hi, Nice to finally find a website with a lot of info and a nice layout – and most important: well updated ! Thanks!

  125. Hi Stuart and Elliot!
    Greetings from “cold” Austria!

  126. Hi Nick,

    First of al, thank you very much for al your patients with of and helping us to pass our course. We had a great time on the island and diving was absolutly the hihglight of our hollyday. Hope to comeback in the near future to see all of it again.

    Theo and marleen

    The new website looks great

  127. Hi Nick, Michael, the Elliots, Lek, and the girls, and the boat crew,

    Greg Nuckolls here. Nice job on the website update! I’m still trying to structure my life to live in Chaloklum forever. I’ll keep you posted. I’m hoping to be able to come out there with my brother in November.

    Talk to you later!

  128. Nice site you guys!!
    All looks peachy!!

  129. Sawaddee Krub Nick & Michael ,
    Nice updated … ! I wish,I can make dives at Chaloklumm Diving real soon.

  130. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/mysterious_object.jpg[/img]hey guys! time has passed without a peep from us but we are always dreaming of the wonderful diving you have to offer at chaloklum but not long until we are there again…so please pass the message on to elliot to buy a new boomerang…maybe this time one with flashing lights and plays music so its imposible to loose! ha ha ha.if not then just a short trip to oz wil do fine.take care.thanks again for the experience of a lifetime! gabriele and charlene

  131. Thank you for the photos Nick!! And thank you for getting me through my PADI, Micheal, and for a fab dive at Sail Rock! Please say helloooooo to all in the office and to the Elliots! We miss you, Chaloklum and Wang Sai!!!!! Love Flora and Robinxxxxxxxxxxxx P.S. The website is looking really good. I love the turtles!!!!

  132. Thanks for an excellent diving day at Sail Rock, I had a really great time with you guys! Safe and fun diving and I will not hesitate to recommend friends to dive with you. Hopefully me and my family will be able to visit Thailand next summer and do some Cholaklum Diving again.

    With best regards
    Hans Thelin

  133. Guude Michael,

    Nach langer Zeit mal wieder zu Besuch auf eurer Seite. Schöner als beim letzten Mal. Vor Allem die Fotos.
    Wäre schön, wenn du dich mal meldest,
    wegen email-adresse.

    Gruß aus I.-O.,

    De Suhni

  134. Hi Nick, Michael, Greg.
    Danke für euer Link und das Update. Da packt mich gleich wieder die Sehnsucht nach der Insel und der Gedanke den Divemaster zu machen, blüht wieder auf. Leider trauer ich immer noch meiner Pentax 450 nach die mit all den schönen Bildern im Sea Side verschwunden ist. Die wurde nicht zufällig auf dem Schwarzmarkt gesichtet?
    Komme im deutschen Winter wieder!!!

  135. Chaloklum Diving ?!

    Seit vielen Jahren immer wieder
    Sehr gut, zuverlässig und vor allen SICHER !!

    Vielen Dank an Michael, Nick, Elliott, Susanna und Magda !!

    Ihr werdet uns nicht los ! Wir kommen wieder

    Viele Grüsse
    Angelika und Heinz

  136. Hi Ihr Taucher,

    haben uns nun anch 2 Wochen Deutschland wieder etwas eingewöhnt, aber vermissen eure kleine Insel immernoch sehr 🙁

    Vielen Dank nochmal an alle für die super Zeit und die schönen Tauchgänge! Hat uns riesig Spass gemacht! Wir überlegen schon, wo man nun am besten zwischendurch mal tauchen gehen kann, um nicht aus der Übung zu kommen

    Schöne Grüße an alle
    Sarah und Jan

    PS: @ Heinz und Angelika: Wie gemein, ihr wart schneller im Gästebuch

  137. I just want to say that I couldn´t have wished for a more professional intro to diving than I got from you guys at Chaloklum Dive! A familiar feeling and atmosphere that really lets you enjoy every minute of from start to end. I will surely go back next year and get both OW and Advanced cert.

    I wish you all the best and will surely recommend Chaloklum Diving to all my friends!


  138. Love the site keep up the hard work good job.

  139. allet war super tauche jetzt sch 6 jahre und lebe immer noch am rand des subanova

  140. Hey guys hope all is well. Returning to normality is such a bore! Don’t know how much more I’ll be able to take, might be coming back sooner than later. I NEED TO DIVE!! Love to all and wish you all the best in 2005. Tell the girls Emily loved her picture and we that we miss them dearly. Stay in touch.

  141. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/img-1105567955.jpg[/img]Hi there,
    Since it’s freezing cold here i was trying to get into meditation to feel as if i was back in Thaïland’s water. Didin’t work well, it is still cold So i’ll just wish you all a good year fill with nice dives, sun, happiness and a quiet mother nature…
    à plus

  142. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/img-1104544162.jpg[/img]happy new 2005

    alles gute und beste im new year

    greatings from switzerland

  143. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/img-1104394825.jpg[/img]Hello every one,

    It has been quite a while since we have learnt to dive with you (jan 2004) but it’s still there in our memories. Thanks to Stephan’s patience and professionalism we’re divers now!! Thanks a lot to the rest of you for the friendliness and fun. I could not imagine a better place to learn to dive. Do I need to say more?

    Take care.


  144. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/img-1103222430.jpg[/img]Hallo ! Bin durch einen Linkpartner durch Zufall auf Eure sehr informative Seite gelangt und wollte nicht gehen, ohne einen kleinen Eintrag zu schreiben. Wir wünschen Euch weiterhin viel Erfolg und würden uns über einen Gegenbesuch sehr freuen, denn auch auf Teneriffa kann man sehr gut tauchen. Viele Grüße aus Oberhausen

  145. Hi Everybody,

    long time no hear, hope everybody doing great! What a pitty that Robert is leaving, was always such a fun to rap him under the survace hihihi.I was in your school in January2004, still hope to come back very soon, maybe to do my Divemaster, but therefore i need at least 6 month, Nick told me…so first share mony and a lot of time ;)A big hello to your lovley Wife and your Kids , Nick and “Servus” to Michael. Hope i see your guys in the close future!!!

    All the best

    The Bavarian Tattoo Chick 😉

  146. Hi
    Just wanted to say what a great experience I had diving with Chaloklum. It was my first time diving and I don’t think I would have ever got through it without Nick and Elliot’s patience. They helped me get over my fear of the water and I even went on to do my advanced PADI course including a night dive in Indonesia a month later. Great fun!
    Thanks so much and best wishes. Gill

  147. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/img-1098131340.jpg[/img]Hallo Michael und Nick, nach über einem Jahr hört Ihr wieder etwas von mir und Miri!
    Sorry, daß ich nicht vorher etwas ins Gästebuch gehämmert habe;ich möchte Euch nochmals für die tolle Zeit danken, die wir mit Euch hatten, macht auf jeden Fall genauso weiter ! Ich wünsche Euch weiterhin alles Gute, viel Erfolg und hoffe Euch 2005 wieder zu sehen, dieses Jahr hat es aus beruflichen Gründen überhaupt nicht mit Urlaub geklappt, deswegen lechze ich darauf vielleicht nächstes Jahr mit Euch auf 10-30m unter null zu gehen !
    Ciao macht´s gut Franky

    !!!! Für alle Interessierten am Tauchen auf Koh Phangan: Ich kann jedem nur empfehlen bei/mit den Jungs von “Chaluklum Diving” abzutauchen, denn hier stimmt für meinen Geschmack einfach alles: Super Tauchlehrer, bei denen man sich absolut in guten Händen fühlt, mit Ernst bei der Sache aber trotzdem zum Totlachen komisch, wenn es drauf ankommt ! Persönliche Atmosphäre, super Ausrüstung, nette Crew an Bord des Schiffes und vor allem keine Massenabfertigung, wie sie in den großen Tauchschulen bis ans Limit, Richtung Lebensgefahr praktiziert wird. Wer bei denen bucht, sollte den Vorabend nochmal richtig chillen, es könnte der letzte sein !? Chaloklum -> Sicherheit + Spaß

  148. hope you guys are ok. Well, this is london, urban, colder and drier (when not raining..) Thanks for the baptism. After 17 years of surfing, it was time to go beneath the surface.
    Next dive for me will be in Tenerife, home, that is.

    All the best,

  149. Hi Guys hope all is going well over there for you, I just wanted to say what a great time i had training with you for my open water and how thorough you were. After i finished i dived with another company in Thailand who were complete cowboys and made me feel very nervous – they didn’t even give time for buddy checks!!!! Elliot should be out there again soon then he’s heading over here to see us. Take care X Marie

  150. hello micha and nick! mir blutet das herz wenn ich mir eure website ansehe…bei euch ist regenzeit, das ist nach 18 monaten ohne einen tropfen musik in meinen ohren. in diesem jahr werde ich nicht mehr kommen koennen, aber ich versuche es sobald als moeglich im naechsten !!!!

  151. Hallo Leute,

    die Seite wird immer besser, schade nur, dass ich es nicht mehr schaffen werde, noch dieses Jahr zu euch zu kommen. Die Regenzeit hat hier in Deutschland auch angefangen, sieht allerdings doch etwas anders aus, als auf der Insel.
    Werde auf jeden Fall im Januar versuchen, den Weg und ein paar Tauchgänge mit euch zu machen.
    Bis dahin euch alles Gute!

  152. hi chaps,
    will be back in ko pha ngan in january.looking forward to more girlfriend is doing her open water course at the mo in england.however, the open water dives look unlikely(near zero water temps!).she will have done all the paperwork and the confined water dives- is it possible to finish the course with you??

  153. Well, I really have to thank all of you at the school. You have introduced me to another amazing world!!

    These guys are chilled lovely people. They organise good value dive excursions and thoroughly safe dive training. Thanx again. (Maybe I showed you a another world Scot, eh???!)

  154. hallo Stephan ,

    Lot and I are back in Belgium after our fantastic 4 months trip!
    Thanx a lto for the pics! they are great! i will send you the one we took.
    It was a great experience and we can’t wait to dive again.
    We didn’t go to your friend in Vietnam because Lot had some earproblems.
    Thanx again!Have fun!

  155. Hello to Mr. Toe…… and all the others I could
    not meet this year.
    See You next year, for sure……

  156. Hello Nick & Michael & Scott & Elliot: Great to dive with you guys again…Great place,great skills…
    “Two Thumps up”

  157. Hallo Leute bin zufällig hier eingetaucht und muss sagen das es sich gelohnt hat. Besucht uns doch mal auf unserer Seite und hinterlasst eueren Fingerabdruck.
    Gut Luft und schöne Tauchgänge wünscht euch Herbie !!

  158. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/img-1078141495.jpg[/img]Hallo Ihr Lieben, vielen Dank Fuer die schoene Tauchzeit mit Euch! Man kann Euch nur weiterempfehlen…

    Gruss, Alex und Sandra aus Offenbach

  159. Nick and Michael: Had a wonderful time over Christmas and New Years and was happy to see how professional your operation is and how smoothly it runs. It was nice to dive with people that put safety first. We have passed along your dive site to several people already and highly recommend you to everyone we meet.

    Happy birthday to Scott for February 24.

    Best wishes from Canada, Lee and Colin Andrews

  160. Nick Michael Scott Emily
    We loved our time on your lovely island ;the beaches and sea are divine!
    The diving experience was excellent!
    We felt so safe in your capable hands;such a professional approach was appreciated enormously
    Very good wishes [and Happy Birthday to Scott!]

    Nita and Peter

  161. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/img-1074981723.jpg[/img]Dear Gays&Girls

    Best Greetings from Switzerland
    and we will see ya soon!yeah yippy yeah
    Hoffen ihr seid alle gesund und alles
    ist mehr oder weniger paletti.
    Uns gehts gut und wir freuen uns euch bald wieder zu sehen (April)
    Bis dann and all the best

    Pedro und Miam

  162. greetings from blighty.just want to say thanks for looking after myself and ollie-had a fantastic time.hope you’re all well.england is expecting snow soon thanks again to stefan for the training-what about that queen fish,eh?

  163. Had a great expirience diving with Nick and Michael; wish we were in the water with you right now!! love Sil and Wim Say hello to Scott (we had a great time in Khao Sok’s Tree top jungle house)

  164. Hello nick. I met you in september when I wanted to dive but the weather was bad. We waited 3 days but it didnt improve. you lent us some snorkelling equiptment cos we were unlucky with the weather. Well were coming back next year and hope to dive. Im interested in doing my open water and wondered what it involves. Do i need to do a taster course first?? Hope to hear from u, bec

  165. Hai Michael, Nick und Scott

    wieder einmal herzlichen Dank für die tollen TG´s die wir heuer schon zum zweiten mal bei (mit) Euch machen durften Auch an Lek ein Dankeschön für die superguten Curries die Sie gekocht hat

    Wir sehen uns bestimmt nächstes Jahr wieder !!!

    Viele Grüsse

    Angelika & Heinz

  166. Hi Stef and lotta, I ve lost Your Email, please
    send me again or write in the guestbook,
    DVD in process…

  167. The German waters are chilli, but what
    can I do.
    I cut my video stuff. After I filmed
    almost two years through South east asia and collected alot of materials, there
    is the time for cuting. The results will
    be available in some month on DVD, CD or
    VHS-tape. I will let You know….

    love peace and happiness Jorg

  168. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/img-1058107556.jpg[/img]leanding on hot swimmingpool afrika switzerland afrika hot switzerland same same but different you no!!???
    we send hot vibes from Solothurn
    to all friends you you no!!

  169. not bad at all…….
    thanks for to your news letter. I looked your website up again, sort of one year later. Great to see things gettin on. I’ts more than a year since you brought me and Sue out for our first dive, and now i’m well kited up to brave the cold waters of Ireland. Nice, but will have to come and feel the sun again soon I hope.,

  170. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/img-1054881839.jpg[/img]Hi Nick – I LOVED staying in Chaloklum for a week and Bottle Beach for 4 days saw the end to my month away with complete stress-free enjoyment.

    Thanks for your kind hospitality after our 4-person trip out to Sail Rock… How luxurious!!! It was my first dive in Thailand, and I’ll be sure to return. Maybe Marine park next time.

    Good luck with the position you’ve advertised. Whoever takes it will be one lucky guy or gal!!

    All the best, Michael Van Leeuwen, St Kilda, Melbourne

  171. He Nick,

    We passed our OW exam thanks to you last year, we are planning to come back later this year, hope to meet you then.

  172. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/img-1054395058.jpg[/img]Hi,
    Nice to dive with you

  173. Hallo
    Vielen Dank für die vielen schönen, relaxten Tauchgänge die wir wieder mal bei Euch machen konnten.
    Da wir selbstständiges, individuelles Tauchen bevorzugen ist Chaloklum Diving einfach noch ein Geheimtipp. Man kann halt doch noch individuell tauchen! Die Staff sorgt bestens für einen und überhaupt, Persönlichkeit wird dort grossgeschrieben.
    Viele liebe Grüsse an alle – wir kommen sicherlich wieder !!!

  174. The Sloth
    by Theodore Roethke

    In moving-slow he has no Peer.
    You ask him something in his Ear,
    He thinks about it for a Year;

    And, then, before he says a Word
    There, upside down (unlike a Bird),
    He will assume that you have Heard—

    A most Ex-as-per-at-ing Lug.
    But should you call his manner Smug,
    He’ll sigh and give his Branch a Hug;

    Then off again to Sleep he goes,
    Still swaying gently by his Toes,
    And you just know he knows he knows.

  175. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/img-1046535869.jpg[/img]hoi nick, michael, how are the things? york around there? (if yo, pls ask him to mail me). how is vis?
    i am in BKK nxt week, maybe i come along..

    tomas (scubakite)

  176. Hi guys,
    your website is so cool! Not so easy to forget such good time with you on your wonderfull island. Our first diving experience is unforgetable (only Thierry (the guy who talks too much) had already the magic PADI`s card). Hey stranger, if you want to dive in Kho Phan Ghan, do not hesitate a second => Chaloklum Diving!
    We hope to see you soon Nick & Chaloklum`s magic team…
    The three french frogs.(August 2002)

  177. Hi Nick, Brian, Lotte & Steph! Thanks for a great time, great tutoring (good luck with your Dive Master life B, L & S!) and super diving! And thanks for the pictures Nick, a cool thing to show our friends and colleagues!
    Cheers, Terje & Monica

  178. Hi! Lovly to see that your guestbook is working now! Guess who will soon go traveling in Thailand again? Perhaps we´ll do a stop by koh phangan? Isn´t Chris working for you anymore? Love Anette & Jens
    (the short girl and the very tall boy who took 2 dives with you neer koh tao and 1 nightdive their last day on koh phangan in the end of june…)

  179. Hi Michael, Nick, Lek & kids,
    my first working week after the nice time in Loklum is putted behind me and although this week was overfilled by regaining neglected topics I still feel quite relaxed. Let us thank you again for the nice diving trips, specially these to Ang Thong (which seemed for me to be the best I ever had at Greater Phangan), your successful special teaching endeavours for Oo and the warm companionship of your families and team.
    We wish a successful and healthy 2003 to all of you.

  180. happy new year nick lec and girls
    hope you had a good one.
    missing the diving like mad ,I`ll be back
    noticed duncans been back and done some diving with you this time.web site looking good .all the best steve

    Ps hi to micheal and team.

  181. Hoi zamä!!!

    Erstemol en mega danke an d Jörg. Es video is super schö gmacht.Jetzt sind mä au online wie mä merkt.Ja die Zeit zum selber bdanke is da xi.We hope the
    xmas was nice and the New Year is becomming fucking great.Thanks for all the nice days with chaloklum diving and hear from you soon.

    Miam and Pedro

  182. Hello Nick and Michael,

    a very merry christmas, filled with a loving thought. A time to think and give thanks, for all this year has brought !

    All the best für 2003 !
    wir wünschen Euch schöne Weihnachtstage
    im wunderschönen Chaloklum und einen schwungvollen Rutsch in ein gutes und spannendes Neues Jahr 2003.

    Wir werden uns dann ja bald sehen – also haltet uns die Bungalows sauber und grüsst alle die uns kennen.

    Bis bald
    Angie und Heinz

  183. Hey, nice page,
    it brings me back there, and it is not so good for my mental state, here we’re right in the middle of a snow storm, its cold and slippery, it’s still beutiful to me but make me miss chaloklum’s beach, sun, palm trees, sand castles and fishes…
    There is an under ice diving class next semester, i could take it but i am not sure it would be as nice as in thailand!!!
    see you

  184. super-website!!! really inviting to go diving with you again!!!
    after having had the utmost excellent training with you and hence being able to dive the wild coral sea independantly for years after, we are happy to see that this page should give you more deseved buisness. hoping to be able to visit you for a plunge in march!
    good luck!

  185. Wonderfull website Nick, good to see Wangsi still looking the same. Be seeing you in 2003, hope you and crew are all keeping well. Cheers Duncan

  186. Hallo Jungs!!!
    Wunderschöne Bilder. Auch wenn ihr im monsoon wegschimmelt, ich beneide euch ein wenig. Hab ein tolles Tauchvideo zuhause, das hilft. Was ist denn mit den close-to-nature-Bungalows ganz ganz rechts?? Oder stehen die nicht mehr? Da gibts auf jeden Fall tolle Tiere all around. Liebe Grüße,

  187. Not much in terms of diving over here (nevertheless , a nice place), but the memories of Chaloklum are still fresh and I’d love to go back there one day . Your guestbook is a good way to keep in touch and maybe I’ll soon here from the rest of the crew ( in particular those Divemasters who qualified with me … ).
    Hasta pronto – as they say here -,

  188. hallo nick, michael and everybody who make diving with you guys so relaxed.

    Good to see your webpage. I wish you all the best and I´ll try to visit again and do a live aboard.

    All the best and succes.

  189. [img]/files/2011/10/guestbook/img-1037639978.jpg[/img]salü zäme

    echt schön die neue page mit den fotos
    da hatt nick ja echte arbeit geleistet.

    viele grüsse an alle LOLAM-DIVERS

    pop gan mai

  190. Gerade eben habe ich auf Eurer Website mal ein bischen Sonne getankt. Ich hoffe, das hält, bis wir in ca. 1 Monat zum 5.Mal (?) kommen können!
    Wir hoffen sehr darauf, bei Euch schönes und warmes Wetter vorzufinden, momentan ist das hier nur !!!!
    Bis bald und liebe Grüße

  191. hallo michael, nick and crew…

    bin grade mal wieder bei euch vorbeigesurft….

    … und bekomme richtig fernweh (oder war es heimweh ??)….

    hoffe euch geht es gut… und wir sehen uns bald wieder

    gruesse an euch und an die gesamte crew

  192. Howzit chaps, just took a quick look at the site and it looks good. I was over on your siland in June and did some wicked dives… also managed a few dives in Cairns since then… Say hello to chris and Mullet man.


  193. hei michale and nik
    schön page habt ihr da gemacht !!1 kompliment , übersichtlich gut aufgebaut und vile schöne fotos .
    vileicht schaffen wir es widermal zum meh had …man weis nie
    ok schöne grüsse aus der kalten schweiz und macht weiter so

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