High season approaches on Koh Phangan

PADI Ladies Day at Chaloklum Diving, Koh Phangan - 2016.Hello again from Chaloklum Diving in July. We already have half a year behind us full of fun diving at Sail Rock with loads of Whale shark sightings. But we are also really looking forward to what will happen in the next six month of this year.

High season is coming – we are all looking forward to being very busy and seeing all the happy experienced divers or our newly certified beginners who joined a PADI Open Water course.

But more than that we also have some upcoming events we would love to tell you about:

There is the PADI Women’s Dive Day on the 15th  of July. We are going to celebrate this with some great special offers for all the SCUBA diving or non-diving (as yet) girls.

When we go out to Sail Rock on the 15th any 2 girls have to pay for just 1 trip – no matter if they are experienced or have never dived before and want to try the “Discover Scuba Diving” programme.

On the 16th we will offer free “DSD”s in the afternoon in Chaloklum Bay behind the Dive School. Of course there will be also a big discount on all our equipment. So if you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who is in Thailand right now – tell them where to go!

The team has decided to do some reef cleaning every few weeks. We want to get rid off the fishermen’s nets in Chaloklum Bay which are caught around some corals. We are also planning on going out with our boat every month to clean some more spots and be able to transport the heavier rubbish. Every competent diver (equivalent PADI Advanced OWD and above) is welcome to join us and help the environment…

That’s our Diving School news – you will hear more from us soon.

But what about you? Let us know what you are doing and feel free to share your dive experiences from all over the world with us – or if you just want to stay more in touch, follow us on Facebook and (our new account!!) on Instagram.

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We hope you have a great summer –