Koh Phangan Scuba Diving News from Chaloklum

Big eye Trevally and Scuba divers from Chaloklum Diving at Sail RockThe last week has featured a fine dive and snorkelling trip to the Marine Park with a bunch of Chaloklum Diving regulars and, despite a rather wavy trip to Sail Rock yesterday, they still had good visibility (see photo) plus another big whale shark. Unfortunately it looks like we have a few days of wind and waves now – we’ll let you know as soon as it’s calming down.
At the dive centre it’s been mainly fun diving of late, really enjoying having our dive boat back, but we’ve still managed a couple of PADI Open Water Diver courses – congratulations to Philippe, Shannon and Catherine – taught this month by a total of 4 instructors! Michi’s back and teaching, but not in the water until his sinus is recovered (hang on in there, sir) and so is Guy, although he’s been hit by a stomach bug, unable to do a lot – welcome back man!!
A monster thank you Gavin for managing to get a review up on google plus for us, but Nick’s still jealous of your 3 days of nudibranch hunting with Kwan, Soriya and Rauat! Talking of which, hard luck and hope you’re OK now Lawrence; Nick’s looking forward to diving with you next time.

Finally on the marine life front, if any of our divers have interesting photos that they’ve taken here when diving with the team, please send them to us. If we use them the image will be credited to you in our aquatic life guide, plus you’ll get a free t shirt when you next come to Koh Phangan!