Annelid Worms; Annelida

Annelid worms are crawling, burying and tube-dwelling creatures. The tube inhabiting, filter feeding, fan-worms are a particular Chaloklum Diving favourite on dive trips.

Also known as Bristleworms, they have poisonous chaetae that can give you a nasty sting.

The body is hidden and the proboscis quickly withdraws if threatened. We used to call this a spaghetti worm; wrong!

We thought that they were parasitic copepods at first...

Delicate parasol-like structures that can quickly disappear.

A multi-coloured underwater macro photographers favourite.

Acorn, Ribbon, Sipunclid and Spaghetti Worms

Although they look like fan worms (Annelida) they are actually in a different phylum. We have slipped them in here for convenience!