Hexacorals; Hexacorallia

The Hexacorals are all based on a corallum with a 6 tentacular structure – hence the name… But it’s still not easy to see any initial similarity between, say, a Magnificent Sea Anemone and a Porites Hard Coral. Ultimately it’s all an issue of scale and proportion…

Fascinating vari-tentacled beasties, from short to long, big to small, and living in a variety of different environments. (11 Galleries)

Antipatharians have a strong but flexible skeleton based on keratin. Hosts to some cool prawns and other fine critturs. (3 Galleries)

Corallimorpharians are best described as sort of half-way between a sea anemone and a true hexacoral. (3 Galleries)

Hard corals come in a massive variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have a hard calcium carbonate exoskeleton. (6 Albums, 7 Galleries)

They are small and colonial, they incorporate sand into their body structure, and they possess only marginal tentacles.