Acroporidae; Staghorns, Tables, plus

The Acroporidae family includes 2 of our favourite hard corals – Staghorn and Table Corals, from the genus Acropora. It also contains the less noticeable Astreopora and Montipora Corals – which have very different growth forms.

Acropora muricata - True Staghorn Coral

The classic Staghorn Coral, seen on many coral reefs around Koh Phangan.

Acropora - More Staghorn Corals

Their correct identification is close to impossible, as their growth form is so often determined by their environment!

Acropora - Table Corals

The identification problems are the same as those for the Staghorn Corals.

Alveopora Coral

Can look similar to the Goniopora Anemone Corals but they have 12 rather than 24 tentacles.

Astreopora Corals

Another so called Star Coral. They have a much larger corallum than the Montipora Corals.

Montipora Corals

The genus Montipora has the second greatest number of species occurring within the hard corals, but generally they are neither distinctive nor easy to identify...