Maze and Star Coral; Merulinidae family

Maze and Star Coral are so named because of the intricate maze-like structure that some members of the family have on their surface, and some do look quite star-like too…
On SCUBA dives they are yet another underwater photographer’s macro delight, although correct identification remains a challenge!

Mainly members of the defunct Favia family. Distinct in not having fused walls.

These attractive hard corals are distinguished by having shared walls to their corallites - well, most of them anyway...

Mainly cerioid (with single centres) but occasionally meandroid (maze-like).

Unique because of the small hill-like structures on its surface, known as hydnophores.

This maze coral is very similar to Platygyra lamellina and daedela - only easy to identify in skeletal form, unfortunately.

Quite a common hard coral around Koh Phangan. It's another so-called Cauliflower Coral, although we're not sure why!

Classic maze corals - commonly seen on our coral reefs. Some are difficult to tell apart from Paragoniastrea australensis.

Various Merulina species corals. Identifications often unsure, especially after the recent revision...