Other Sea Anemones

There are a tremendous variety of other Sea Anemones to be seen when SCUBA diving or snorkelling around Koh Phangan. Correct identification of the smaller species is the issue, but we are getting there…


  1. Hello,

    I’m writing a field guide to Indo-Pacific corals and would like to use some of your anemone photos. You have some very unusual species documented! I’ve also noticed some misidentifications on your website and with some of the images you’ve shared on wikipedia. For instance, your Entacmaea is likely Telactinia. Your Stichodactyla tapetum is a rarely seen species called Actinoporus elongatus.

    If you’re able to share your anemone photos (on dropbox or google drive), I can go through and confirm what you have. I’d need photos without your logo for my guide (but you’ll of course still be credited as the photographer).


    • Hi Joe,
      Always happy to help!
      I’ve replied by email – & will correct our errors asap!
      Best wishes,

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