Alcyoniidae; not so colourful Soft Corals

The Alcyoniidae family of soft corals lack eye-catching colours but have an interesting variety of growth forms.
Like the Nephtheidae and Viguieriotidae families, these soft corals do not produce hard calcium carbonate skeletons. Instead they contain small skeletal elements called sclerites which provide some degree of support.

Lobophytum Soft Coral

Differentiated from the Sinularia Soft Corals by the presence of specialised polyps known as siphonozoids.

Sarcophyton Soft Corals

Leather Corals are mainly spotted at Anthong Marine Park.

Sinularia Soft Corals

Sinularia Corals appear to be some of the more drab members of the softies clan...

Other Alcyoniidae

Not colourful and not classified as yet.