Crustaceans; phylum Arthropoda

When we set up our marine life guide we had expertise in SCUBA diving and PADI courses...
BUT we were sadly ignorant of the marine arthropods of Koh Phangan!
As we learn more about crustaceans we are re-structuring this section to try to reflect correct classification. Consequently some of the pages URLs are a mess – but we will have to live with it…

You are unlikely to see these super-small, cryptic creatures unless you dive with a magnifying glass!

The biggest section, including the Anomurans, Axiideans, Brachyurans (true crabs), Carideans (most of the prawns) and Stenopideans. (3 Albums, 2 Galleries)

2 very dissimilar types of crustacean - neither of them much like a crab or a prawn! (2 Galleries)

Mantis Shrimps are not true prawns at all - they are not even Decapods. However they do look very much like a long bodied shrimp when they come out of their burrows. (2 Galleries)

These weird beasties are not actually Crustaceans - but they are closely related members of the phylum Arthropoda. Only a few millimetres in size.