True Crabs; Brachyura

The Brachyurans are regular crabs – 10 legged, hard shelled, crab-shaped creatures. In comparison the Anomurans comprise a much more morphologically diverse group and usually have only 8 visible legs.

Box and Moon Crabs, Calapoidea

These are seriously well armoured crabs, especially when everything is retracted. (2 Galleries)

Urchin Crabs; Dorippoidea

Our urchin crabs will also carry other echinoderms such as starfish and sand dollars, even though they don't offer the same degree of protection!

Pebble Crabs; Leucosoidea

This small creature was first spotted by our eagle-eyed Divemaster Francisco, photos c/o Nicky C.

Decorator, Spider and Xeno Crabs; Majoidea

They all seem to have a more or less conical body shape compared with the other Brachyurans. (3 Galleries)

Elbow and Horrid Crabs; Parthenopoidea

These crabs are beautifully shaped and often well camouflaged.

Swimmer Crabs; Portunoidea

They are so called because of a set of back legs adapted for swimming. Many of them have nasty claws making them formidable predators!

Trapezioid Crabs; Trapezioidea

These small crabs live in symbiosis with Acropora and Pocillopora Corals. Classic mutualism.

Xanthid Crabs, Xanthidae

The crabs in this extensive family are mainly poisonous, containing the neurotoxin Tetrodotoxin. (2 Galleries)

Other Crabs; Brachyura

Anemone, Climber, Decorator, Sentinel, Sponge, plus...