Prawns and Shrimps; Caridea

This infra-order contains most of the prawns and shrimps that we see when diving around Koh Phangan. Many of them live in symbiotic relationships with other organisms…

A classic example of a crustacean living in symbiosis with a fish. The Goby provides a look out service, while the shrimp maintains a hole for them to hide in.

Only 2 shrimps, but both are photogenic! (2 Galleries)

These small shrimps are either cleaning or commensual in habit. Inc. Ancylomenes, Cuapetes, Manipontonia, Neopontinedes, Periclimenes, Pontonides and Urocaridella... (1 Album, 6 Galleries)

Dancing Shrimps are found in nooks and crannies - aka Hingebeak Shrimps.