Palaemonid Shrimps: Palaemonidae

Many of the Palaemonid Shrimps can be found quite easily at dive sites around Koh Phangan. Our PADI Divemasters will be happy to make a point of finding 1 or 2 for you when you’re diving with us.

Anemone Shrimp, Ancylomenes holthuisi

We usually find them based in Haddons Sea Anemones, providing a fish cleaning service.

Ghost Shrimp; Cuapetes tenuipes

Usually found at the base of coral heads, these small shrimps have massively elongated front arms. Used to be a member of the genus Periclimenes.

Gorgonian Shrimp; Hamodactylus boschmai

A beautifully camouflaged creature, seen by us only 2 times so far.

Black Coral Shrimp; Manipontonia psamathe

A small, semi transparent shrimp; difficult to spot. Another ex-member of the genus Periclimenes.

Periclimenes Shrimps

What used to be a large genus of Koh Phangan shrimps - mostly renamed following genetic analysis... (2 Galleries)

Wire Coral Shrimp, Pontonides unciger

Only photographed once so far, probably because it is small, wary and well camouflaged.

Glass Cleaner Shrimp; Urocaridella antonbruunii

So named because it has a transparent (ie like glass) body, not because it cleans glasses.