Banner, Butterfly and Coral Fish; Chaetodontidae

Small colourful fish that usually eat the coralla of Cnidarians, ie corals and anemones, although some are specialist plankton eaters. Much loved by our customers when diving and snorkelling.

Lined Butterflyfish; Chaetodon lineolatus

This distinctively marked fish is the largest of our butterflies.

8 banded Butterflyfish; Chaetodon octofasciatus

This is our smallest Butterflyfish, but it is usually easy to find at most of the places we dive.

Oval-spot Butterflyfish; Chaetodon speculum

Spotted only twice - with a distinctive black line through the eye and the blotch on an orange background.

Hong Kong Butterflyfish; Chaetodon wiebeli

Like many of the fish in this family, they usually hang out in pairs.

Beaked Coralfish; Chelmon rostratus

Another one of our divers favourites, again living in pairs on our coral reefs.

Highfin Coralfish; Coradion altivelis

Lacking the false eye of Coradion melanopus as an adult, this Coralfish also has a distinctly higher finned shape.

Longfin Bannerfish; Heniochus acuminatus

They have been mistaken for Moorish Idols, which are actually a very different fish in structure. Very rarely seen when we dive at Koh Tao.

Singular Bannerfish; Heniochus singularius

The largest of the Bannerfish, this fish is not so common here