Blennies; Blenniidae

Small, blunt-headed, bottom dwellers with long, continuous dorsal fins and a habit of resting with curved bodies. We seem to meet most of them at shallower dive sites, especially when SCUBA diving around Koh Phangan.

Bicolour Blenny, Ecsenius bicolor

Generally spotted on coral heads and similar surfaces, they are also known as Flame tail Blennies.

Rippled Blenny; Istiblennius edentulus

Also known as Rippled Rockskipper, which is a fine name. A type of comb-tooth blenny.

Lined Fang Blenny; Meiacanthus lineatus

Poisonous canines provide considerable protection from predators (if this is the right fish).

Short-headed Fang Blenny; Petroscirtes breviceps

Mimicking the real Poison-fang Blenny; Meiacanthus grammistes.

Highfin Fang Blenny; Petroscirtes mitratus

Usually found on weed-encrusted objects. And not so easy to photograph in the open, as they will not stop fussing around !

Other Blennies

Not the easiest fishies in the sea to identify.