Cardinalfish; Apogonidae

Generally small fish, named after their usual red colouration – which is not normal around Koh Phangan it seems! Their big eyes are a clue to their nocturnal feeding habits; they tend to hide in the corals over the day but are much more active when we are out night diving.

Also known as the Orange-lined Cardinalfish.

Hanging out in the Staghorn Corals with the other Cardinalfish.

Solitary and quite shy, this Cardinalfish is relatively large.

Named after its large canine teeth (we haven\'t seen them yet). Its tail spot can be turned on and off.

Widespread in SE Asia, like most Cardinal-fishes they normally seek shelter in the day, staying close to the reef.

Old name latin name- Apogon cavitiensis.

After wrongly classifying this fish as Apogon cookii, we also find that it\'s common name is more usually \"Cooks Cardinalfish\".

Distinguished by 6 horizontal yellow to orange stripes, this fish can be reared in captivity.

Another elusive, and larger Cardinalfish - this one hides under corals or in reef crevices.

A miscellany of Cardinalfish, where we only have 1 or 2 photos.