Cardinalfish; Apogonidae

Generally small fish, named after their usual red colouration – which is not normal around Koh Phangan it seems! Their big eyes are a clue to their nocturnal feeding habits; they tend to hide in the corals over the day but are much more active when we are out night diving.

Narrow-lined Cardinalfish; Archamia fucata

Also known as the Orange-lined Cardinalfish.

Dusky-tailed Cardinalfish; Archamia macroptera

Hanging out in the Staghorn Corals with the other Cardinalfish.

Eight-lined Cardinallfish; Cheilodipterus alleni

Solitary and quite shy, this Cardinalfish is relatively large.

Wolf Cardinalfish; Cheilodipterus artus

Named after its large canine teeth (we haven\'t seen them yet). Its tail spot can be turned on and off.

Five-lined Cardinalfish, Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus

Widespread in SE Asia, like most Cardinal-fishes they normally seek shelter in the day, staying close to the reef.

Cavite Cardinalfish; Ostorhinchus cavitensis

Old name latin name- Apogon cavitiensis.

Black banded Cardinalfish; Ostorhinchus cookii

After wrongly classifying this fish as Apogon cookii, we also find that it\'s common name is more usually \"Cooks Cardinalfish\".

Yellow striped Cardinalfish; Ostorhinchus cyanosoma

Distinguished by 6 horizontal yellow to orange stripes, this fish can be reared in captivity.

Three-spot Cardinalfish; Pristicon trimaculatus

Another elusive, and larger Cardinalfish - this one hides under corals or in reef crevices.

Other Cardinalfish; Apogonidae

A miscellany of Cardinalfish, where we only have 1 or 2 photos.