Damsels, Anemonefish and Seargeant Majors; Pomacentridae

A large family of small, busy, reef-dwelling fish with fairly diverse habits. You can meet them any time you’re out snorkelling or diving.

Seargeant Majors; Abudefduf

Named Sergeant Majors because they are always at attention on the coral reef ? (5 Galleries)

Anemonefish; Amphiprioninae

They all have an immunity to the stinging cells of their host anemones. Some are shy whereas others can be surprisingly aggressive ! (3 Galleries)


Many of the juveniles have colouration that is quite distinct from that of their drab, adult parents. (8 Galleries)

Humbugs; Dascyllus species.

Usually associated with some kind of branching coral formation, but a sea anemone will suffice.