Damselfish might be small but they are still popular with our divers and snorkellers. Some of the Damselfish juveniles have a vivid colouration that’s quite distinct from their drab parents.

Also known as the Yellow-belly Damselfish which seems a more appropriate name.

Another Damselfish with a very different coloured juvenile form. Also quite territorial and fearless.

Adults a drab brown with a yellowish tail; juveniles bright yellow with black stripes.

These small fish can form such large groups that they hide the reef from view!

Silvery grey in colour with the distinctive yellow tail.

Many divers ask what the beautiful little blue fish are - Neon Damsel is an appropriate name

A small, easily recognisable, reef dwelling Damsel.

Banded, Blue, Jewel, Staghorn and Whitetail Damselfish.