Seargeant Majors; genus Abudefduf

Seargeant Majors are actually named after their bossy behaviour towards other fish, including those bigger than themselves. Our Koh Phangan species seem to be planktivores, living off small creatures in the water column.

Narrow-banded Sergeant Major; Abudefduf bengalensis

A small reef dweller, seen mainly at Mae Haad and Chaloklum Reefs on Koh Phangan.

Yellow-tailed Seargeant Major; Abudefduf notatus

Not so common, solitary, darker body and distinctive yellow tail.

Scissortail Seargeant Major; Abudefduf sexfasciatus

Their tails are marked like scissors. These Seargeants can be found in large (feeding) schools in the shallows.

Black-spot Seargeant Major; Abudefduf sordidus

Identified by the black spot in front of the tail, maybe...

Indo-pacific Seargeant Major; Abudefduf vaigensis

The yellow shading to the top of the body sets this Seargeant apart from the others.