Eels; order Anguilliformes

Eels are, quote, fishes with long, snake-like bodies, unquote. Sail Rock is probably our best dive site for these beasties – with resident white-eyes, giants, moluccans and ribbons.

Giant Moray; Gymnothorax javanicus

The biggest of our eels by far, at 1.5 plus metres. A handsome beast. We have at least 3 of them resident at Sail Rock.

Moluccan Moray; Gymnothorax moluccensis

The nomenclature is a calculated guess, as we cannot find anything else similar!

White eyed Moray; Gymnothorax thysoidea

Frequently spotted by divers at Sail Rock, as they do more swimming about than other moray eels.

Undulated Moray; Gymnothorax undulatus

Quote - Reported to be an aggressive species and prone to bite - makes us think that this is not G. undulatus, as he shows no signs of nastiness !

Snake Eels; Opichthidae

All we ever see of these fish is a small head sticking out of the sand.

Undescribed Small Brown Moray Eel

We thought that this small eel was some kind of juvenile moray or a ribbon eel for many years.