Shrimp Gobies

Shrimp Gobies live in a classic symbiosis with their alpheid shrimp partners. The shrimp maintains the burrow and the goby keeps a look out for danger. Great to watch when you’ve some time to lie down on the sand when scuba diving.

A common Shrimp Goby around here with a distinctive line from the eye to the gill cover.

Another shrimp with banded markings - this one is distinguished by a red margin on the dorsal and upper caudal fins.

Distinguished from the Lagoon Shrimp Goby by blue spots rather than stripes on the face, we think.

Mis-identified as a Yellow Shrimp Goby variant for many years. The blue lines on the face were the giveaway.

With distinctive, delicate, pink speckling around the head and a barred body.

We are not so sure of this identification - most photos of the fish that we see show a more definite brown banding.

Better named the Gold-specked Shrimp Goby, these are smallish fish.

Named after the black line on its side, which is not a great surprise.

Shrimp Gobies that are more rare, or difficult to identify.