Grouper and Soapfish; Serranidae

Also known as Rock Cod, Grouper have strong, stout bodies and big mouths with more than 1 row of teeth. Most of our Groupers are classic marine predators for your PADI Advanced Open Water Course Fish Identification dive.

White lined Grouper; Anyperodon leucogrammicus

One of our more rare Groupers.

Brown banded Grouper; Cephalopholis boenack

This small, common Koh Phangan Grouper is also known as the Chocolate Hind.

Blue spotted Grouper; Cephalopholis cyanostigma

Juveniles are brown with yellow fins - the adult phase features the bluey-white spots.

Blue lined Grouper; Cephalopholis formosa

A commonly encountered, medium-sized, confident sort of fish. Usually just hanging about and definitely not pelagic.

Barramundi Grouper; Cromileptes altivelis

Only 2 photographs from Michi up until 2020, then for the 2nd time at Sail Rock.

Brown-spotted Grouper; Epinephelus coioides

A confident, inquisitive fish as an adult - the juveniles are more evasive.

Coral Grouper; Epinephelus corallicola

We confused this fish with E. howlandi, but now we realise that it's not endemic to our area - thank you Fishbase!

Cloudy Grouper; Epinephelus erythrurus

Named after their nebulous, camouflaged body colouration.

Black-tipped Grouper; Epinephelus fasciatus

Also known as Red-banded Grouper, which seems a more obvious name (the black tips are on the dorsal fins and not always seen).

Brown marbled Grouper; Epinephelus fuscoguttatus

These are big, chunky, clever fish - well camouflaged and stealthy in their movements.

Giant Grouper; Epinephelus lanceolatus

Also known as a Queensland Grouper - if you have the good luck to see one, you will realise that they are definitely bigger than any of our other Groupers.

Malabar Grouper; Epinephelus malabaricus

Our biggest commonly encountered Grouper - they seem to like the deeper dive sites.

Honeycomb Grouper; Epinephelus merra

Probably the most common member of the Grouper family in Koh Phangan waters.

White-speckled Grouper; Epinephelus ongus

Another fairly drab Grouper when adult - the juvenile is brightly spotted in contrast.

Spotted Coral Grouper; Plectropomus leopardus

A medium sized, intelligent Grouper. Unlike many other family members they are often on the move.

2-banded Soapfish; Diploprion bifasciatum

Quite unlike your typical grouper, but in the same family nonetheless.