Grouper and Soapfish; Serranidae

Also known as Rock Cod, Grouper have strong, stout bodies and big mouths with more than 1 row of teeth. Most of our Groupers are classic marine predators for your PADI Advanced Open Water Course Fish Identification dive.

One of our more rare Groupers.

This small, common Koh Phangan Grouper is also known as the Chocolate Hind.

Juveniles are brown with yellow fins - the adult phase features the bluey-white spots.

A commonly encountered, medium-sized, confident sort of fish. Usually just hanging about and definitely not pelagic.

Only 2 photographs from Michi up until 2020, then for the 2nd time at Sail Rock.

A confident, inquisitive fish as an adult - the juveniles are more evasive.

We confused this fish with E. howlandi, but now we realise that it's not endemic to our area - thank you Fishbase!

Named after their nebulous, camouflaged body colouration.

Also known as Red-banded Grouper, which seems a more obvious name (the black tips are on the dorsal fins and not always seen).

These are big, chunky, clever fish - well camouflaged and stealthy in their movements.

Also known as a Queensland Grouper - if you have the good luck to see one, you will realise that they are definitely bigger than any of our other Groupers.

Our biggest commonly encountered Grouper - they seem to like the deeper dive sites.

Probably the most common member of the Grouper family in Koh Phangan waters.

Another fairly drab Grouper when adult - the juvenile is brightly spotted in contrast.

A medium sized, intelligent Grouper. Unlike many other family members they are often on the move.

Quite unlike your typical grouper, but in the same family nonetheless.