Miscellaneous Fish

The miscellaneous fish section has other fish that you can see when snorkelling or diving in Koh Phangan waters. these are the ones that don’t fit into the bigger fish family galleries.

These busy little fish live in the shelter of the sea urchins spines.

This fish can be quite annoying for a diver, especially if you are ticklish - they will try to attach themselves to anything moving that is larger than themselves - a leg is fine!

Also known as Mojarra and Silver-biddy. These fish hang out in the shallows and are not easy to identify specifically.

Also well known as the Brassy Chubb.

Quite a confident small fish who will try to stare you down 'til you get too close.

Small, gregarious, big-eyed, nocturnal creatures. Also known as Sweepers.

As juveniles they all move together as a tight school, which can look like a weird organism in it's own right!

Also known as Lunar-tailed Bigeye or Moontail Bullseye. Feeds on small fish, crustaceans, and other similar stuff.

The only species in its genus, it feeds on crustacea and small fish at night and is usually shy by day

For years we thought that this fish was some kind of eel, but none of the eels we checked had a head of the same shape...

These fish are often mistaken for small sharks, but a Cobia is a very different marine animal.

This smallish flattened fish, silver in colour with spots, is able to live in fresh and brackish water too. Omnivorous in diet, hence the Greek family name translates as faeces eater - nice!

The most widespread and abundant member of the smelt-whiting family - Sillaginidae. Hangs out on the sand at Mae Haad and near the pier at Chaloklum.

Schooling in the shallows, a scintillating silver shower.

Swims above the the sand and dives straight down into it if it feels threatened.

Fish that we have only ever seen once or twice, or that we are not sure about.