Monocle and Threadfin Bream; Nemipteridae

The Monocle and Threadfin Bream are a bunch of fairly unremarkable fish with a justified position in the reef ecosystem, but still not rated by Chaloklum Diving customers as all time favourites – they are just not the fish that our PADI Divemasters are often asked about!

The brown band is a juvenile feature - apparently adults are plain.

We are not happy with our identification of this fish - its colouration is more like that of a Snapper.

Another coral reef inhabitant, this species can be found at depths from 1 to 25 m. They are carnivorous, preying on smaller fishes, as well as bottom dwelling invertebrates.

This Monocle Breams body is olive above and white below, with a silvery-white stripe on the back just beneath its dorsal fin

The juvenile has a radically different colouration from the adult.

A reddy-brown body colouration with the distinguishing white slash across the cheek.

Just a few Rainbows for your delight and delectation.