Rabbitfish; Siganidae

Rabbitfish are named after their herbaceous diet or maybe their rabbit-like faces. They also have the common name of Spinefoot. These fish have poisonous dorsal, ventral and anal spines – more dangerous to fishermen than to scuba divers. They are a definite snorkelling favourite too as they can often be found in the shallows.

Also known as the Blue-spotted Spinefoot - but the yellow colouration predominates.

Commonly seen on our local reefs - like many of the Rabbitfish family they possess, quote: Spines stout, pungent and venomous: unquote!

Also known as the Mottled Spinefoot as they lose their plain colouration if they get stressed.

Distinguished by the large golden spot next to the tail. Note the nocturnal camouflaged colouration.

Often seen in big schools when we are diving at deeper dive sites.

With the same kind of shape and habits as all the other reef dwelling Rabbit fish, but with a different colour pattern.

Apparently more common on Koh Tao, first photographed only in 2014 here. Named after the pattern, if you know what vermiculate means - ooer?

Too small to identify but nice to make photographs of.