Scorpion and Lionfish; Scorpaenidae

If you touch their venomous spines you wil discover for yourself how their name is derived! Our scuba diving and snorkelling policy is to make contact with nothing; which makes particular sense in this light. The Lionfish is also popular with divers and underwater photographers for its flamboyant fins.

Our endemic species of lion fish (aka firefish). Named after the lack of spots on the dorsal, anal and tail fins.

This fish is not a resident; it survived only a month or so at Sail Rock. Probably came over in an aquarium from the west coast...

Juveniles have a bright white colouration whereas adults are well camouflaged. All are meant to have bright orange pectoral fins that they can flash as a warning.

We used to identify this beast (which is our common variety), as the raggy scorpionfish (S. venosa) but we are still not 100% sure...