Seahorses, Pipe and Razorfish; Syngnathiformes

You can find most of these beautiful creatures when scuba diving on Koh Phangan’s local dive sites.

All swimming together, head down/tail up, in total synchronisation. Great to watch them as they move around.

Photographed only in 2 places on Koh Phangan so far, but spotted elsewhere...

Always found in shady places, this fish apparently works as a cleaner, though we have not seen it cleaning as yet...

Originally misnamed as a Banded Pipefish. Bottom dwelling and well camouflaged.

Shy, beautiful beasties, still reasonably common around Koh Phangan..

We thought that these small beauties were in the Pegasiformes; wrong again!

These are undoubtedly in the Pipefish family, but beyond that we are not really sure!