Snapper; Lutjanidae

Medium sized fish with triangular shaped heads, shallow notched tails and a continuous dorsal fin. You can usually find them wherever you go snorkelling or diving in the Gulf of Thailand.

Mangrove Snapper; Lutjanus argentimaculatus

This big fellow is maybe better known as a Mangrove Jack.

Striped Snapper; Lutjanus carponotatus

Also known as the Spanish Flag Snapper for some strange reason.

Black-spot Snapper; Lutjanus fulviflamma

Similar in habits and habitat to the Bigeye Snapper, but not always so numerous.

Bigeye Snapper; Lutjanus lutjanus

Usually seen in really spectacular schools.

Russells Snapper; Lutjanus russelli

A common, schooling Snapper - silver with a more or less feint black spot at the upper rear of the body.

Brown-stripe Snapper; Lutjanus vitta

Usually found in the vicinity of coral reefs, they are whitish in colour with a yellowish brown to black stripe on the middle of the side.

Other Snappers

There must be some more snappers endemic to this area.