Sharks; Carcharhinidae

A sad fact is that we still remember seeing Nurse Sharks, Ginglymostoma cirratum, at local dive sites in the early days of the dive school – there are none left to photograph now, it seems.
At the dive centre we are active supporters of shark protection initiatives; please join us in trying to help by signing petitions, contributing and spreading the word.
A good starting point is the Shark Savers site.

Bull Shark; Carcharhinus leucas

Thought to be grey reef sharks when originally encountered at Chumphon Pinnacles, now definitely identified as bull sharks.

Whale Shark; Rhincodon typus

Our biggest fish. Divers must appreciate our great good luck to have such a creature visit Koh Phangan waters. 74 images at Nov 2018...

Leopard Shark; Stegostoma fasciatum

Rarely seen by divers in Koh Phangan waters; more of an Andaman Sea resident.