Molluscs; Mollusca

Molluscs are amazingly diverse; the three common features defining them are a mantle with a cavity used for breathing and excretion, a radula for eating, and the structure of their nervous system.

Molluscs with 2 connected outer shells - Clams, Mussels, Oysters and the likes. (7 Galleries)

Sophisticated eyes, adhesive tentacles, an ink screen defense mechanism and more. These are most impressive creatures ! (8 Galleries)

A bunch of sea snails with no shells; true Nudibranchs, Sea Hares, Headshield Slugs and Sap Suckers. (4 Albums)

Marine gastropod molluscs. Our principal species are Cone shells, Cowries, Drupes, Helmet shells, Miter shells, Murex and the Strombs. (1 Album, 10 Galleries)