Molluscs; Mollusca

Molluscs are amazingly diverse; the three common features defining them are a mantle with a cavity used for breathing and excretion, a radula for eating, and the structure of their nervous system.

Bivalve Molluscs; Bivalvia.

Molluscs with 2 connected outer shells - Clams, Mussels, Oysters and the likes. (7 Galleries)

Squid and Octopus; Cephalopoda

Sophisticated eyes, adhesive tentacles, an ink screen defense mechanism and more. These are most impressive creatures ! (8 Galleries)

Sea Slugs inc Nudibranchs; Opisthobranchia

A bunch of sea snails with no shells; true Nudibranchs, Sea Hares, Headshield Slugs and Sap Suckers. (4 Albums)

Sea Snails; Prosobranchia

Marine gastropod molluscs. Our principal species are Cone shells, Cowries, Drupes, Helmet shells, Miter shells, Murex and the Strombs. (1 Album, 10 Galleries)