Bivalve Molluscs

We can meet up with bivalve molluscs most places we go scuba diving. They are even out on the sand – in which they bury themselves with just their opening visible.

Zigzag Oyster; Dendostrea folium

A relatively large bivalve with a distinctive appearance!

Coral Clam, Pedum spondyloidum

Sometimes free standing, but often embedded in a hard coral - which must be a safer place to be!

Asian Green Mussel, Perna viridis

A distinctive shade of green, this mussel is a food source and a fouling organism when it grows in the wrong place...

Thorny Oyster; Spondylus coccineus

Called an oyster but the genus Spondylus is actually more closely related to the scallop.

Giant Clam; Tridacnidae

Our largest bivalve; it's technically a protected species but is still very much at risk and no longer gets a chance to grow to a full size, sadly.

Boring Giant Clams; Tridacna crocea

Boring in the sense of drilling rather than drab, as their colours surely are not!

Other Bivalve Molluscs

Including a wide variety of clams, mussels and oysters.