Sea Slugs inc Nudibranch; Opisthobranchia

Not all the Sea Slugs (Opisthobranchs) are actually true Nudibranchs. We also have 2 vegetarian sub-orders; the Sap-Suckers and the Sea Hares, as well as the carnivorous Headshield Slugs.

Algae eating sea slugs with rolled rhinophores and a water circulation system similar to that of a bivalve. Named after their rabbit-shaped appearance, they are also herbivorous. (3 Galleries)

These opisthobranchs spend more time under the sand than above, so are not often seen unless you're out looking for them. (7 Galleries)

The name means literally naked gills although not every true nudibranch actually has external gills. We have got Aeolids, Arminians, a Dendronitid and lots of Dorids. (3 Albums, 1 Gallery)

Vegetarian Opisthobranchs with distinctively rolled rhinophores. (7 Galleries)