Sap Suckers; Sacoglossa

The Sap Suckers are strictly vegetarian Sea Slugs, and not so often noticed when scuba diving. They all live on algae in some way or other.

Costasiella kuroshimae; Limapontiidae

Size no more than 4mm! Found on Avrainvillea algae, maybe on Sargassum seaweed too.

Costasiella usagi; Limapontiidae

Another really small sap-sucking sea slug, similar in appearance to Costasiella kuroshimae.

Elysia marginata; Plakobranchidae

A larger sap sucking sea slug, maybe 3 cm long, with elongated parapodia. Previously misnamed E. ornata, which is exclusive to the Caribbean...

Plakobranchus noctistellatus; Plakobranchidae

First spotted in May 2014, this Sap Sucker is smaller and much more active than its ocellated relation below.

Plakobranchus ocellatus; Plakobranchidae

Our most common sap suckers, normally found in shallow waters around Koh Phangan.

Plakobranchus papua; Plakobranchidae

Not a juvenile Plakobranchus ocellatus as stated originally - now listed as a separate species.

Thuridilla gracilis; Plakobranchidae

Seen once only when diving on the west side of Chaloklum Bay, Koh Phangan.